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Malpractice insurance is usually not provided by Indian insurance companies. US insurance companies do provide malpractice insurance, and they can be found on the internet. For a malpractice insurance of $1 million for one month, a premium of around $ 500 is reasonable. It takes around a month for the whole process of securing the insurance.For more information on clinical electives and malpractice insurance providers,

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Q: How can an Indian medical student get malpractise insurance in USA for doing clinical elective in US medical school?
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Is face lift surgery covered by most insurance?

No. Insurance companies do not cover "elective procedures". Elective procedures are those that are done for the patient's wants, not his or her needs/health. Face lifts, plastic surgery, preventative medicine, and diets are almost never covered by medical insurance.

What has the author Charles Lyman Greene written?

Charles Lyman Greene has written: 'The medical examination for life insurance and its associated clinical methods' -- subject(s): Life Insurance, Medical examinations, Diagnosis

What is the relationship between medical necessity and insurance coverage?

If a procedure is not considered "medically necessary" (i.e. is considered elective), most insurance companies will not pay for the procedure, or will provide only minimal coverage

What insurance company in ms covers implants?

If it's a medical necessity, they all will cover the cost of the implant. If it's a an elective implant, then none of them will cover it.

Does a clinical psychologist have a medical degree?

No, a clinical Psychologist does not have a medical degree, that would be a psychiatrist.

Who is the person responsible for documenting the patients clinical notes and designing a diagnosis code and a procedure code for medical services?

insurance biller

Does medicare pay for infertility treatment in New York?

Infertility treatment is considered elective treatment, meaning that there is no actual medical need for it except that the person wanting it REALLY wants it. Most every insurance company's health plans will not cover anything elective,,such as plastic surgery,etc. if only for personal reasons and not a medical need.

What is a Certified clinical medical assistant?

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant/SpecialistLearn more about exams.....Duties: Perform administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of a physician. Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing, and coding information for insurance purposes. Clinical duties may include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, and administering medications as directed by physician.

How you can apply for an elective in us?

To apply for an elective in the United States, you first must be in your final year of medical school. You will then need to contact the elective coordinator at the hospital you choose and obtain an application.

How do you cancel your blue shield medical insurance?

I have tricare medical insurance. I want to cancel my blue shield medical insurance. How do I go about doing it? I have tricare medical insurance. I want to cancel my blue shield medical insurance. How do I go about doing it? I have tricare medical insurance. I want to cancel my blue shield medical insurance. How do I go about doing it?

What is the difference between a CCMA and a CMA?

A Certified Clinical Medical Assistant has more training than a Clinical Medical Assistant.

Where can one purchase student medical insurance?

One can purchase a student medical insurance from the following online insurance companies; HCC Medical Insurance Services, Aetna Medical Insurance, and United Healthcare.

Does a doctor lose his license if he committed a felony?

A doctor can lose his job if he commits a felony. He can if it's to do with medical malpractise but if it's unrelated (e.g a driving offence) he wouldn't

What has the author Margaret R O'Leary written?

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Does aetna health insurance pay for tubal reversals?

Check your policy or call them to be sure, but it seems extremely unlikely that they would because it's elective surgery, not something you have an actual medical need for.

What are certified medical assistants certified in?

In medical assistance.Fundamentals of Medical AssistingAnatomy &PhysiologyMedical Terminology & Medical Law and EthicsU.S Healthcare system & insurance claims, introduction to billing and codingAsepsis and Infection ControlIntroduction and Fundamentals of PharmacologyIntroduction to EKG, Applied EKG, Clinical EKGIntroduction to Phlebotomy, Hematology, Applied Venipuncture, Clinical PhlebotomyThe Medical Laboratory, Laboratory Quality Assurance/ControlSafety in the Medical Laboratory/Lab HazardsThe Microscope, Laboratory MeasurementsChemistry Department, Urinalysis, Clinical MicrobiologyHIPAA Compliance

What is the difference between clinical microbiology and medical microbiology?

clinical microbiology means its study belongs to the clinical researching on microorganisms and medical microbiology means it is a study of medicines to cure the diseases

Can deduction taken for medicare 96.40 be reimbursed by own medical insurance?

No. Medical insurance covers medical expenses, not insurance premiums.

How much does it cost to get a cosmetic facelift?

On average, a facelift costs anywhere from $6792 and $6781, but prices may vary. Medical insurance usually doesn't cover these costs, since facelifts are an elective procedure.

Where can one find more information about travel medical insurance?

One can find more information about travel medical insurance from medical insurance providers. In addition, online resources provide information about travel medical insurance.

Is medical laboratory technology the same as clinical laboratory science?

Medical laboratory technology is generally an associates degree and a Clinical laboratory Science is a bachelors degree.

Is clinical record and medical record synonyms?

Yes, both the terms can be used interchangeably and are synonyms. These records enable physicians to document clinical/medical data.

Why is liability insurance important in the medical office?

why is liabilty insurance important in the medical office

What are the requirements for UK residents to get medical insurance when they are over their 50s?

According to most types of medical insurance companies the medical insurance is not very different compared to different Countries. Normally no medical is required therefore United Kingdom residents are guaranteed to be accepted for medical insurance.

Definition of clinical-biochemistry?

Clinical biochemistry, also known as chemical pathology, clinical chemistry, or medical biochemistry, is clinical pathology with a focus on the analysis of body fluids.