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It would almost HAVE to be leaking out somewhere. That also depends on your definition of "new". Are you talking 3000 miles or 30000 miles??? Was the oil changed in the last 2 weeks??? IF it leaked out, you should see oil/oily film somewhere on the motor, trans, or the underside of the car.

as the last reply said, i must be a leak, does the car blow huge amounts of smoke on start up, u may not have run the car in proberly and the oil control rings have no seal, if this doesn't apply to you, it could be goin other places, take the cap off the radiator (when its cool) and check to see if theres a huge oil sick or a white cream in ur radiator, if there is burn the car now.

other wise if wat i have said reveals no results check for oil everywhere, it will have covered you engine bay, also check where you park to see if theres oil on the ground, if u still have no hope fill the car with oil, to the full amrk on the dipstick and check it daily, if no loss then no prob, if there is consult ur local mechanic, get several quotes because these can tend to be quite expensive, depending on you car,



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Q: How can an engine on a new car completely run out of oil in two weeks?
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