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How can the perceived European animosity toward the US be explained and what could be the root cause of it?



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I can only answer the question with an opinion as a British person and not as a reflection of others. I travel a lot around the world during my course of work. I can't say I feel animosity toward the US, US meaning the American people, but do feel aggrieved at times with Americans that I come across. " I require better treatment than this I am American", when having to queue, "If he wont accept American dollars then he wont get my business", to a street water vendor in a middle east town. "No no no this how it should be done" after a thousand years of tradition. An Indian summed it up "they are too much proudy people". Not always able to percieve that they are not the centre of the universe. I must add that I am talking about individuals that I have met and not everybody can be tarred with the same brush but I am talking about the majority I have met so believe all Americans to be basically the same. Have met far worse British individuals that still think we have an empire. My first visit to Saudi, manager (a Saud) of the site there, when introduced to him said "Britain is a small state of America, has no power in the world and its football and cricket are rubbish" job went downhill from there. On appeal to the American management we were told that "your treatment by the Saudis is nothing to do with us". Sorry gone off at a tangent there. There is good and bad everywhere, my opinion doesn't really count as I have never been to the States so am answering with reference to the individuals I have met. Can say that I admire the country as a whole, will always believe we should keep a strong bond between our two countries. End of the day we are all family people trying to get through life the best way possible and hope one day there will be and harmony throughout he world, no boundaries so that anyone can travel anywhere and find a common understanding.

I agree with the submission above. My perception concurs as I travelled around Asia. For example, I heard an American saying loudly in an airport (soon to be replaced) 'it's good to travel and understand just how good America is' . For the Europeans and especially British it is very annoying for Americans to refer to WW2 as the 1941 - 46 war, as if nothing exists before the USA becomes interested.