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How can you bypass the heater hoses on a 1998 Ford Expedition?


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2010-11-05 05:51:27
2010-11-05 05:51:27

all you need to do is disconnect the hoses from the heater core first. this may be somewhat difficult depending on mileage and how well the cooling system has been taken care of. but i assume it has not because you obviously have a heater core leaking. after you get them disconnected cut off the two ends and insert a plastic or metal pipe of somesort and install the ends of the hoses onto both ends of the pipe. then install two hose clamps on both ends to seal them. now this will ruin both hoses and they will need to be replaced upon replacement of the heater core. also this will not cause any problems with the cooling system by doing this. you do not even have to worry if the hoses are kinked at all. the coolant will still flow through the engine just fine.

On my 2000 expedition , there are quick disconnects at the hoses going into the fire wall. There is a special toll to disconnect them, but most times you don't need it. this will save your hoses when putting back a new heater core.

NOTE: I did not answer this question. I just added the part with the quick disconnects,,,Tom Wade...


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did the heater core start leaking? anyway you should have no problem with the air if you bypass the heater core.

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You will see 2 heater hoses connected to the firewall. These are the inlet & outlet hoses going to the heater core. Disconnect them and then connect them together with a coupler. This will bypass the heater core.

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How do you replace a heater core in a 1998 ford expedition?"

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Behind dash. To find relative location, look under hood and follow the heater hoses (2) to the firewall. That's it.

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