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The quick, dirty, and cheap answer is tighten your gas cap until it clicks at least 5 times. With in one or two days the vacuum in the gas tank will build up and reset the code. The not so cheap answer is take it to a dealer with a blank check, he'll tighten your gas cap and charge you $150. Or you can buy an OBDII Code reader or better a decoder that hooks to your car's computer and reads out your engine diagnostics real time. OBDII stands for OnBoard Diagnostics level 2 and replaced the older OBD1 around 1996. It tracks hundreds of items such as ignition timing, fuel trim and pressure, the number of times your Oxygen Sensor transitions from rich to lean(I got that one)and a list longer than your arm, including loose gas caps. It's a phenominal system which can even tell the police how fast you were going and if you applied the breaks before you plowed through the front window of that car dealership you love so well. The real problem with this system is that there is no way for it to tell you whats on its mind without an expensive interface that the dealer has. Until now that is. Take a look at, they sell a low cost OBDII decoder which will read the codes, reset the MIL(Check Engine Soon) Light, and give you data to help you determine what's wrong (loose gas cap?). It runs on an older PC or Laptop which allows you to get on the fly readings(you read, someone else drives). It's well worth the $100, get together with your family and friends everybody chip in 20 bucks and an old laptop(386 is OK)and your the hit of the neighborhood. Only trouble is that each scantool does only one type of OBDII output. Ford, GM , and Chrysler/foreign cars are all different. There are other decoders that handle all three systems but their more expensive. Do the cost/benifit analysis to see if you want a single or universal system and how much the share will be. Do a Google search on ODBII, and pick the reader you want. , hope it was just the gas cap. 94

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Q: How can you check a 2001 Silhouette service engine soon light?
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