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You could disconnect the cable down at the transmission, drive it around, and see if the noise has quit. Some cars don't have a cable-the speedo is electronic, so then you might have a vacuum leak somewhere under the dash.

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Q: How can you check if a loud whining noise from the dash is the speedometer cable in a 95 Saturn SL?
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How do you fix Park avenue speedometer?

If the Park Ave is a year that uses a speedometer cable, check that the drive gear for the cable is working. Check the cable to insure that it is not broken of stuck, then check the speedometer itself. These steps will let you know what is broken so that you can fix it.

Speedometer broke 94 Honda Accord?

possible cable Remove from transmission and check if in one piece - if not remove speedometer head and replace cable to transmission and head

How do you fix speedometer in 91 sunbird?

To fix a speedometer in a 91 Sunbird, check to ensure the cable has not come loose. If the cable has come loose, you will need to tighten it with a wrench.

Speedometer bounces on 1991 dodge dynasty?

A 1991 dodge dynasty speedometer bouncing could be a sticking speedometer cable, or a bad drive gear. Check the cable first, and lubricate it to see if the problem stops.

How do you remove the speedometer cable on a 1995 Ford E-150 Van?

If it is a stock model speedometer, there is no speedometer cable. there is a sensor on the transmission which transmits signals in a wire to the speedometer assembly, which is on your dashboard. If you have a problem check the speed sensor, or the wiring to it. JOEDI

Your odometer stopped turning What do you do?

If it's an analog speedometer, first check the condition of the speedometer cable. It may need to be replaced.

Where does the speedometer cable hook to transmission on 1990 gmc?

Check the side around the tailshaft.

Why my Mazda don't check the speed?

do you mean your car won't display your car speed ? is that what you mean ? check the speedometer cable on your car. check the speed sensor located at the end of the speedometer cable. check the plastic gear inserted on the transmission at the end the speedometer cable. get a qualified technician who can work on your car.. it may require the instrument panel (gauges assy) be remove to unplug the other end of the cable..if cable type is used. some vehicles use wire and sensor.. if so, no need to remove gauges, just check sensor and the gears inserted to transmission.

1990 Nissan Maxima speedometer odometer stopped working at 198000 miles?

If the speedometer breaks, it effects the odometer. Check the speedometer cable it may be broken, even under the insulation.

95 Honda accord and have replaced the speed control sensor but the speedometer is not working?

Since you replaced the sensor, and the speedometer still isn't working it is possible that you will need to replace the speedometer cable. Check the cable first to be sure that it is still properly connected, and if so replace the cable to see if that solves the problem.

Why does the speedometer on my 1995 Nissan xe v6 truck jump around and read wrong?

check if it has a speedometer cable if not the speed sensor needs to be replaced

2003 Tahoe speed meter is broken?

Have your mechanic check the speedometer cable connections. They no longer use a cable. It is electronic. If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, the problem is in the dash cluster. If both the speedometer and odometer are not working, the speed sensor in the transmission may be at fault.

1992 Honda civic speedometer erratic what could the problem be?

If a 1992 Honda Civic's speedometer is erratic, the problem could be the speedometer cable. It could also be the speedometer sensor malfunctioning. Check both components carefully.

Why would a 1998 dodge ram 1500 speedometer and odometer stop working?

check speedometer cable for possible disconnection; it comes out of firewall and goes to transmission

Does a 1991 Subaru legacy have a fuse for the speedometer or is there a cable that has to be changed to get it to work?

no fuse, but there is a cable. it is in 2 parts. check the cable at the transmission to see if it came unplugged. good luck

92 Toyota Paseo speedometer wont work cable does not appear broken?

check speedsensor mounted on transmission follow the cable will lead to the sensor

How do you repair speedometer on a 2003 suburban?

To repair the speedometer on the 2003 Suburban, first check to see what is causing the malfunction. You might need to replace a fuse or even the cable.

How do you repair the speedometer for a 1995 ford escort manual transmission?

First check the speedometer cable going into the top of the transmission. If it is not broken the instrument cluster must be replaced.

You installed a CD player and now the speedometer and the odometer dont work the odometer stays at the same number and the speedometer stays at 0 mph?

Don't know what you're working on but it sounds like you have accidently disconnected the speedometer cable from the speedometer. Check it out.

How do you fix a bouncing speedometer on a 1998 F150?

Unhook the speedometer cable from the transmission and the instrument cluster in the dash. Take the actually metal cable out. Clean it with solvent. Re-grease with "lithium-based" lubricant. Re-insert. Also check for fraying. If so, replace cable.

Why does your 1981 corvette speedometer jump at low speeds?

check the speedo cable and see if it needs to be lubed. if car has cruise control, it will have a upper and lower cable.

How do you check and replace the speedometer cable on a 93 Camry?

I think the '93 has an electric speedo. Take it to the spedo shop.

Why is the speedometer not working on a 1986 BMW 518i what are the possible solutions?

check to see if you have a speed sencer if not change your cable

Speedometer do not work on geo traker 1995?

HI, It could be a few things, the cable might have broken, the cable might have become disconnected at the speedometer, the cable might have become disconnected at the transmission, the speedometer might have become faulty or the back of the speedometer where the cable connects th it might have broken, if that happens then you need a new speedometer, it's cheaper and easirer to gat a replacement instrument cluster than look for just a speedometer. . The first is to check the cable at both ends and if that is ok then you just might need to look for an instrument cluster. It was my problem also and I had both things wrong, the cable was bad and my speedo was bad. I replaced the cable first then the instrument cluster. I bought the cable from a Chevy dealer and the instrument cluster on EBay and had no problems with it at all. Sometimes you can get a part from a Chevy dealer and if they don't have the part you can check with a Suzuki dealer, and then ther's EBay. I hope this helps you, good luck. Steve H.

Speedometer not working how do you fix on rover 75?

Check the cable to see if it is connected if all is well you could possibly need a new one In Ford's..sometimes the speedometer cable might need lubed as it gets older instead of replacing the whole speedometer. Outside the passenger compartment firewall inside the engine compartment under the hood near the driver's side, you might see where the cable comes out and connects to the cable going to the wheel. A lot of times you can disconnect this connection and drop oil down the cable and that will solve a speedometer which varies while driving.