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if you pull out one of the wires turn the car on while its idling you should hear a clicking coming from the spark plug well

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Q: How can you check if your getting spark on a 1993 Ford Probe?
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What could cause a 1993 ford probe to have no spark but your gas pump works?

distributor is likely bad

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1993 Ford Probe?

According to the manual, .039-.043 inches.

Where do you add the transmission fluid in a 1993 Ford Probe?

Same place you check it.

Where is the ignition module on a 1993 Ford Probe 4 cylinder?

In the dist. Takeit to Auto zone and have them check it out.

II have a 1993 Lincoln mark viii the engine turns over but want start?

Check the basics, With an inline spark tester ($6-8.00) check for spark. Does the fuel pump make noise when you turn the key (whining noise)? Is the fuel getting to the engine?

Where do you put the transmission fluid and check it on a 1993 ford probe automatic?

You check it and add fluid at the same place. Look on the transmission for a dipstick.

Why might a 1993 Mazda 929 crank but not start?

Not getting fuel or spark?

Dia gram of starter location 1993 ford probe?

diagram of starter in a 1993 ford probe

How do you fix a 1993 Mercury Topaz has fuel no spark?

If no spark has been confirmed, then check the Ign. module, coil, & dist.

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 1993 Ford Probe 2 liter?

It is important to check and maintain the fluid levels while owning a car. The transmission dipstick of a 1993 Ford Probe is located behind the engine, to close to the firewall and it has a yellow cap.

What could cause a 'no-spark' condition 1993 f-150 5.0 new coil and module What device is telling the coil to fire and how do you check it?

If the coil pack is not telling the spark plug to fire on a 1993 F-150 5.0 engine, then check the spark plug wire itself. Also check to make sure the coil and spark plug wires are arranged in the right firing order.

On a 1993 ford probe it gets fire it's getting fuel but just turns over and doesn't start. what could bew the problem?

youve checked fuel, now you need to check for air and spark. the problem is likely going to be ingition related, ohm the coils and wires and make sure the plugs are still good.

Why will my 1993 dodge shadow not start?

First, are you getting fuel to the injectors, to check just simply take the air box off the throttle body to see if there is any fuel being prayed into it, if your not, is your fuel pump pressurizing, if it is it might be a clogged fuel filter not letting gas to by pass... If it is getting fuel then check for spark, if its not getting spark check the rotor and button that's under the distributor cap, and also it might be a bad coil.

Why does 1993 Toyota Camry stalls when hot?

Check the coolant level .You need to check the temperature sensor and thermostat too if they work properly. Also check the spark plug wires and the spark plug gap. You need to check the fuel filter it might be clogged.

Your 1993 handa accord motor doesnt have spark?

my 1993 accord doesnt have spark

What causes a 1993 Ford Probe to get stuck in 5th gear while driving on the highway?

Check fluid level, (90 weight oil)

My 1993 Mitsubishi engine wont start engine turns but don't start what do you do?

Check for fuel, spark, compression

Why does 1993 Oldsmobile 88 shut off while driving?

Check for spark & fuel when it's dead and go from there.

What engine is in Ford Probe?

its a Mazda engine . ( DOHC 4cyl. 16 valve 2.0l ) For the probe 1993

1993 Chevy suburban cranks but will not start getting fuel but no spark why not?

I would replace the ignetion module that is in the distributor.

The engine turns but doesn't start on a 1993 Ford Explorer how do I make it start?

It is getting fuel/spark/ compression?

Why would my 93 probe gt fuel cutout light come on and die bypassed inertia switch changed fuel pump and filter now just no spark to plugs even after replacing dist cap and rotor?

my 1993 probe gt done the same thing with the no spark at the plugs the ignition module was bad i replace the whole distributor and it runs great

Factory rim width on 1993 Ford Probe gt?

ford probe gt rims are 7 inch

Why is 1993 Jeep Cherokee missing on 2 clys?

Bad spark plugs or wires, also check the distributor cap.

What would cause a 1993 ford probe gt to lose all rpms throttle response periodically while driving and while at idle PS the Fuel cutoff and check engine LED's lite?

The distributor is getting ready to go out!!!Get a new one.