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How can you contact WWE Superstar Triple H?

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on wwe . com there is a thing when u can send comments to ur favorite superstars if u r a member

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What is the most paid WWE superstar?

Triple H

How did Triple H become a WWE superstar?

he became a wwe superstar in1990. his name was 'hunter helemsley'

What WWE superstar played in blade 3?

Triple H.

Has a WWE superstar married a WWE divas?

yes,triple h and stephanie mcmahon

Who is the best superstar in WWE?

The answer is Triple h, Jeff Hardy,Etc

Which WWE superstar had line in the sand as their theme song?


How old is WWE superstar Triple H?

Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H) was born July 27, 1969

Is WWE superstar Triple H coming back to raw?

sadly maybe

Who is the best WWE superstar and why?

the best wwe superstar is john cena, triple h, the rock, stone cold Steve ostin. tell me what you think :] :] :]

What is WWE superstar Triple H real name?

His name si Paul Levesque

When will WWE superstar Triple H return?

Maybe late 2010 or early 2011

Does WWE superstar Triple H have kids?

yes him and his wife stephani macmahon have 2

Did WWE superstar undertaker win against Triple H at wrestlemania 27?


Does the WWE superstar Triple H do steroids?

Triple H most certainly does take or has taken steroids in order to achieve his size and thickness.

Does WWE superstar Triple H have diabetes?

Yes he does. He admitted having the disease in the Lemmy documentary.

Is hulk hogan the best WWE superstar?

Hulk Hogan is not the best WWE superstar ever. I looked online and the best WWE supestars ever are The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H.

What is the real name of WWE superstar Triple H?

His real name is Paul Michael Levesque

Is WWE superstar Triple H still married to Stephanie McMahon?

no they broke up already

Does WWE superstar Triple H smoke?

No He Said It During The McMahons Planted Cigars In His Bag Remember No he does not.

Who will be the next WWE superstar to retire?

Now that Edge is retired i think the next one will be Triple H.

Who is married to Stephanie mcmhon?

Stephanie McMahon is married to a wwe superstar "Triple H" which his real name is Honor

Who is the only WWE superstar to win the king of the ring twice?

triple h if you don't belive me check it for youself

Who has most fan in WWE?

the superstar who has probably got the most fan is Shawn Michael's triple h or undertaker

Which WWE superstar is married?

a lot of wwe superstars have been married but the ones that are that i know of is paul levesque aka triple h and Shawn michaels.

Who is the strongest WWE superstar Triple H or jhon cena?

Is't it John Cena of course!!!! He did the FU on big show and Triple H only does PEDIGREE and Spine Buster. Triple H Suks!! Triple H Suks!! Triple H Suks!! CENA!! CENA!! CENA!!CENA! CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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