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See if you are getting voltage at the relay when you turn the AC on. Check your wiring and connectors before replacing PCM, I doubt that is your problem.

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โˆ™ 2006-11-20 21:18:10
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Q: How can you determine which is bad cooling fan relay or pcm on 97 neon?
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Is there a relay that could be bad on my '98 Neon heater blower motor?

The 1998 Dodge Neon does not have a relay. It does have a blower motor resistor that could be bad.

Why does the fans on a dodge neon 99 don't work eventhough you connected them directly to the battery and they work fine?

They are designed to work when: A/c or defrost is on Coolant temperature exceeds 235 degrees Bad sensor? bad cooling fan relay/module

What will make cooling fans stop working?

a bad relay-a bad temperature sensor.a blown fuse.A bad Ground..a BAD power Source.A COOLING FAN MOTOR THAT IS BURNT UP. a bad ign switch ---A DEAD BATTERY.etc-etc

What would cause a 1994 Honda civic to overheat?

Inoperative cooling fan(s) Bad thermostat Bad fan switch sending unit Bad fan relay Blocked radiator cooling tubes (internally)

What could cause the fan to not work on a 1995 neon?

Bad fan motor? supply 12V hot to see if it works - if not bad fan motor Bad relay? Bad sensor?

Why does the cooling fan run all the time on my 1989 Corvette?

The fan sensor is bad or the fan relay is stuck. Swapping out the relay is the most likely fix.

Why don't the fans on 1996 dodge neon not work?

fan relay, bad connection at wiring harness, bad fan, bad coolant sensor, bad electrical ground, likely causes

Why are your cooling fans not working?

Depending on your vehicle it could be a bad temp sensor, a bad relay(s), a bad switch, faulty wiring, a bad fan motor, a faulty ECM,

1994 grand prix the radiator fan keeps running and won't stop?

cooling fan relay is bad?

Why doesn't the cooling fans turn on in my 1995 integra?

There is prob a bad relay that's not triggering the fans to turn on.

Your 2001 neon wont start you have had starter rebuilt twice all the car does is click once when you turn the key could it be the starter relay or what can it be?

Could be the relay or bad battery cable connection at the battery or relay.

Are the relays in the power distribution box on a 1996 Plymouth Neon all the same?

yes, and the best way to determine if one is bad is to just switch it with the horn and try to honk it. if it honks, then that relay should be fine. my car would not turn on the other day due to a bad relay so i switched it with the horn so it would start and it got me to the auto shop.

Why my cooling fan DOES NOT run on my 95 contour?

Bad temp. sensor? on most ford contour cars the cooling fan only runs when the motor reaches a certain temp. this model car also has a cooling fan relay switch,if the switch is bad the fan will not run.

Why do Ac fans stay on all the time on 86 Toyota MR2?

cooling fan relay has gone bad or coolant temp sending unit is bad

Why does the engine overheat when idling and cool down when running hard or uphill?

Defective cooling fan or bad fan relay.

What would keep the engine cooling fan from coming on in a 1990 Acura Integra GS?

The cooling fan is activated by a sensor, and possibly a relay. Most likely the sensor has gone bad.

Why is there no power going to the fuel pump on a 1996 Dodge Neon All fuses are OK and the pump was changed?

Check the fuel pump relay and the ecc relay either or both may be bad

Why the colling fan on a maxima 97 always stay on?

it could be a cooling fan relay or the water pump is bad but i would say first the relay or the thermastate is sticking and not opening. bry

How do you fix an overheating problem on a 1994 Kia Sephia?

By finding the cause of the overheating. It is normally, bad thermostat, bad water pump, clogged radiator, either internally or externally, a defective cooling fan, or defective cooling fan relay.

Why wont my 92 cavalier cooling fan come on?

check see if its gitting power if it is then the motor is bad if no power check relay

Why don't my 97 camaro Z28 cooling fans work?

coolant temp sensor, wiring, relay, bad fan motor

1999 Chevy Cavalier When you are driving it works fine but when stopped it starts to overheat and the air conditioner turns on and off Could it be the pcm module?

not likely PCM problem... most common cause is either ... Bad Cooling Fan Relay Blown Cooling Fan Fuse or Bad Cooling Fan Motor

When I replaced my battery the fan started running even before I started the car.?

It is definitely caused by a problemtic cooling fan relay. When the bad relay shorts internally, it causes the fan to stay on at all times which drains the battery.

How do you test the relay on a 2001 Chevy S-10?

There are many relays in that vehicle and many have the same part number. Simply swap the suspected bad relay with a known good one to determine if the relay is the problem or not.

What causes the cooling fans to stop working on 2005 Chevy impala?

Blown fuse, motor burnt up, or the fan relay switch is bad.