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First, all the ideas that come after this answer are great. Use whichever one works for you. These are important, and my next tip should only be a supplement to those.

Second, and what I do, is flex. Whenever you're thinking about it, just flex your abs. For example, as I'm typing this answer I'm flexing. When you're in school or at work, just flex under you're shirt. Nobody knows you're doing it, and it works. It's not amazingly fast, but it works. I did this all summer. When I'm at the pool (and I'm there a lot) I have to take my shirt off, so there's a good time to just start flexing your abs. What this does is contracts your muscles. Muscle tone is just a constant contraction of the muscles that becomes involuntary. The more you do it, the more you are training your abs to stay that way. This is literally what you call "muscle memory."

When you have a bad back and want abs dont do sit ups or crunches as u can see ur not getting results. I have been using the " Bender Ball" and I have gotton such great results and I am only 11 years old!

When you have a 'bad back' it is often because you have not developed your abdominal muscles. In fact if you develop and use your abdominal muscles correctly, you may well cure your bad back.

I recommend Pilates to you as it teaches you how to use your abs to support all your movements from a 'Stable centre'and without putting unnecessary strain on your back.

I am a body builder and a few years ago ruptured a disc in the lower back. with my bad back i cant do the regular situp. but can do the more effective slow crunch, also you can lay on your back and do leg lifts, both legs at the same time is too stressfull on the back so I will do one leg at a time while the other is drawn half way up with the foot planted on the ground for support. also it can help to place your hands flat under your buttucks, this takes stress off the lower back as well. your best bet is to stick with slow crunches holding at the top for a second on each rep.

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Q: How can you exercise your abs if you have a bad back?
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How can you use an exercise ball to improve your abs?

i have had an exercise ball for a long time now and i really like it. an exercise ball conforms to your back, allowing you to exercise and flatten your abs without straining your back.

Which exercise is best for the abs?

The best exercise for the abs is the one for the lower abs. However, the most important is to practice daily in order to have strong abs and never quit.

How do you Fix a bad back?

Try gentle stretches and exercise to strengthen your back. It all depends on what is making it a 'bad back'.

What can you do if you don't want abs?

get fat... or get lazy... or don't exercise your abs...

What muscles are targeted when using a Pilates exercise ball?

The core muscles are the focus when using exercise balls: abs, back, lats, shoulders, hips, and glutes.

How do you get abs when you 9?

Daily exercise

How do you grow abs?

Well, you already have abs. If you didn't, your guts would fall out. To develop your abs, eat protein and exercise them.

Howe do you get better looking abs?

To get better looking abs you have to exercise more. You can try working your abs until they are exhausted.

Bad lower back with muscle spams you would like to purchase an exercise machine to help your abs but not hurt your back is the ab coaster good to use with a bad back?

Depends on how bad...not sure about back spams. I have a back that is easily injured when I lift something too heavy - etc. The Ab Coaster helps my back because it stretches and strengthens it while in a bio-mechanically neutral position (that's what my Chiropractor calls it.)I think that they meant back spasms not spams.

How do you lose fat in the abs fast?


Which muscles are used during back raise exercise?

You use your erector spinae (lower back) muscles, also your abs to a lesser extent and the inner thigh.

What are some good exercises for the lower abs?

The best exercise for the lower abs would be sit ups. Another great exercise that works the abs wonderfully is pull ups. Both of these are good choices.

How would you know the abs module is bad?

Certain codes would lead to a bad ABS module.

What is the best stomach exercise?

There is no one "best stomach exercise". It depends on what you want.For example, do you want to lose stomach fat, or are you looking for core strength exercise to avoid developing back problems (lower back pain, incidentally, is the number one patient complaint in America) or are you looking for abs exercise to build abdominal muscles.Determine what you aim to achieve. Then choose the relevant page link, from those listed below, for in-depth information about the specific subject.How to lose belly fatCore strength exerciseAbs exercise

What is the secret to six pack abs?

diet and exercise

What is the best exercise to tighten you abs?

The traditional exercise would be the sit and crunch . The combination of both because they are simple and effective would be the best thing to do to tighten your abs.

How can you get flat abs fast?

Most exercise equipment will help you build muscle as in the six pack abs that look so good, however if you have a layer of fat on top of this muscle you just won't see it. So if you really want to have flat abs you need both exercise and diet. If you want them fast, you need to diet and work hard. Be careful, the faster it comes off the faster it will come back...

Is there a way to get abs without doing sit ups or any exercise?

Every one has 'abs' to start out with. Though, to get tight abs you need to do sit ups and other exercises. You cannot get tight abs without doing sit ups or any other form of exercise.

What is the noise on a Honda Civic abs?

Abs pump getting bad

Is ice skating a exercise?

It is definitly an exercise, for your abs and your feet muscles. Sincerely, Sasha Cohen

Why is swimming the almost perfect exercise?

because its good for your lower abs ,middle abs,and upper abs.the abs get stronger .and that's a good thing !

Do sit ups work your abs or your back?

your abs

What are the bad points of exercise?

There are no bad points of exercise

What are some effective exercises for abs?

Any exercise that involves the abdominal muscles or abs will be effective with continued use. Some exercises for abdominal muscles are squats, crunches, the side crunch. There are also exercise equipment made specifically for the abs.

Is it bad for kids to get abs?

YES. Having abs at a young age usually indicates a bad diet. (or under eating).