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Many auto parts retailers can test it for you if you remove it and take it in.

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Q: How can you find out if an ECU is bad on a 1990 Honda accord with a 2.2 motor can not get spark?
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Where are the spark plugs located in a 1990 Honda accord?

They are right there on the top of the engine.

NGK spark plug gap for 1990 Honda Accord EX?


Will a 1990 Honda Accord taillight fit a 1989 Honda Accord?

== ==

Will the window from a 1990 Honda Accord fit into a 1989 Honda Accord?


How do you install cabin air filters on a 1990 Honda Accord?

The 1990 Honda Accord does not have a cabin filter.

Will the ecm in a 1994 Honda Accord work properly in a 1990 Honda Accord?


Where is the ecm on your 1990 Honda Accord?

EM 6279 and EM316. Which of these works for my HOnda accord 1990 EX 5-speed?

How do you take out a transmission on a1990 Honda Accord?

how do you take out a transmission on a 1990 Honda accord

What is the order of the spark plug wires for 1990 Honda accord?

1-3-4-2 Distributor rotates clockwise.

What is the best motor oil for a 1990 Honda accord?

The OEM recommended oil weight for a 1990 Honda Accord is 5w 30. There are other alternatives such as synthetic which can offer more benefits and a longer life span to an engine if used correctly.

Where is the fan speed resistor in a 1990 Honda Accord?

The a/c fan motor resestor pack is on the evaporator case.

Will a 1990 Honda accord taillight fit an 1989 Honda accord?


Can you use a 1990 or 1998 Honda Accord factory stereo in a 1992 Honda Accord?

You can use the 1990 stereo in your 1992 Accord, but the 1998 will not bolt in the correct way.

Where is the starter located in a 1990 Honda Accord?

left side of engine directly under the distibutor (where the spark plug wires plug into)

Can you use a transmission from a 1990 or 1993 Honda Accord for your 1992 Honda Accord?

In most cases you can but it mostly depends on what motor you have in your 1992. I cant say for sure but i think there d-series motors, and if in fact that's the case in your car then as long as the 1990 or 1993 transmissions were on a d-series motor then it should be fine

Does a 1990 Honda accord have air bags?


Does the 1990 Honda accord ex have an airbag?


How tight should you tighten spark plugs on a 1990 Honda accord?

I just tighten them with a regular spark plug socket rachet. You should be able to feel when to stop tightening.

Can you change a 1990 Honda Accord lx from automatic transmission to a 5 speed transmission?

Can you change a automatic to a 5 speed Honda Accord 1990

Can you put a 1990 acura GS motor into a 1988 Honda accord lx-i?

most likely not because the 1990 is probably more advance than the 1988...

Will a grill and hood from a 1990 Honda Accord fit a 1993 Honda Accord?

Yes, it should be a perfect fit.

Does a camshaft pulley interchange with a 1990 Honda accord to a 1992 Honda accord?

Yes it does interchange. 1990-1993 Accords have the same camshaft pulley (or cog).

Where is the starter on a 1990 Honda Accord?

The starter is located on the lower left mid section of the engine compartment right by the headers and motor.

2003 Honda Accord tire bolt pattern?

1990-1997 Honda Accord ALL - 4 x 114.3 1998-2002 Honda Accord 4Cyl - 4x114.3 1998-2002 Honda Accord 6Cyl - 5x114.3 2003-2010 Honda Accord ALL - 5x114.3

How would you swap a motor off of a 1987 Honda Accord into a 1990 Honda Prelude?

i wouldn't swap it, the 87 is carbureated and the prelude is fuel injected, just put the same engine in. the 87 accord engine has less hp .