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Put your winter plugs in blocking off all flow to the pipes and etc. If the water still drops, it's in your pool.

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Q: How can you find out if the leak is in the equipment or the liner of an above-ground pool?
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How do I Find a leak in above ground vinyl pool liner?

One way to find a leak in a pool liner of an above ground pool is by using food coloring. When you add the food coloring in small amounts, you can see it leaving the pool through the leak.

Does a pool liner pad stop an existing leak?

The pool liner pad is placed underneath the pool liner to prevent items from cutting through the liner. If the liner is already leaking, the liner pad will not stop the leak.

What equipment detects sewer leaks?

What type of equipment is used to detect a sewer leak? Can you find it with a meter?

How do you find a leak in an above ground pool?

Look for a wet area around rhe perimeter of the pool. I you find one it give you a place to start looking inside the pool. Look for soft raised "smushy" areas on the floor and areas where the liner is separated from the wall. Closer examination of these areas may reveal holes in the liner. Good luck. There are many ways to find and repair a pool liner leak - First you must find the leak using, visual clues, and common sense. Check these resources out for a great way of finding and repairing that leak!

You just had new liner installed and pool is losing water and installer insists its not leaking from liner what can you do?

Offer to pay for a pressure test of the system's plumbing as well as a dye test of any lights and steps underwater. If he can find a system leak or a light or stair leak then it's not the liner job. If he can't...

What is the best way to find a leak in the liner of an above ground pool?

look for the wet spots. where the grass is greener is usaully a clue. fittings that night be leaking or hole in liner.

If you have a new liner with a leak will you get the same amount of years out of it had it not had a leak?

That would depend on several variables. If the leak is professionally repaired and there is no damage to the substrate under the liner, then you should be fine with the life expetency of the liner. If there was a wash-out under the liner, then there is added stress to the liner at that point which can shorten it's life expectancy. If the patch is done with a clear store-bought patch kit, the patch likely will not hold very long and the liner will likely begin leaking again, which can damage the substrate and affect the liner integrity.

Can you put tiles in a pool without liner?

No you cannot, because the pool would leak and not work properly without the liner.

how did water get behind new pool liner when no holes have been cut in the liner for fittings?

Probably ground water or condensation. The liner cannot leak unless it has hole in it.

How do you find holes in pool liners?

Use a needless syringe and fill with a dark food coloring, release over area of suspected leak. If there is a hole in liner, the food coloring will disappear through the leak, otherwise it will float away. In a deeper area you will need equipment to go under the water. Once the leak is detected, use underwater patch material found at pool supply company. Cut patch about two inches larger than hole in liner and center over hole, smooth patch flat.

Leaking inground vinyl liner?

First you have to find where the water is leaking. To figure that out, fill your pool to the normal water level and mark the water level on the liner. Wait a day and mark the new water level. Fill it up to the first mark then shut off all your pool equipment and wait the same amount of time. If the level drops the same the leak is in the liner, other wise it's in the plumbing. If it's your liner leaking in some cases you can grab a pair of goggles and get wet to find a hole and use a patch kit from you nearest pool dealer to patch it. Sometimes you can't find it, most pool dealers have equipment to find the leak and they can patch it. If it's in the plumbing, you could be in for a bigger problem. It may involve cutting concrete decking and a bunch of digging. You have to get to the pipe that is leaking and cut that part out and patch a new line in. Again most pool dealers have equipment to easily tell which line and where plumbing is leaking. This can save a lot of work!

If you have to add water every day could your inground pool have a leak?

Definitely has a leak! Best to put the snorkel on and try to locate the leak by looking for tears in the liner.

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