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How can you find out the correcr order to connect the spark plug leads to the distributor on a 350 Chevy when you do not know the years of the motor?

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All V8 Chevrolet engines use the same firing order: 18436572

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What is the function of a capacitor's leads?

To connect it to the circuit.

Backfiring 1985 Pontiac firebird?

check all plugs plug leads distributor points and distributor cap for cracks and wear

How do I connect a dwell meter?

The one of the leads (usually the red or positive) goes to the negative side of the coil (the side where the distributor wire connects) and the other lead (usually the black or negative) to any ground source.

Why is it there is no spark in the spark plug leads?

If you know that there is spark at the distributor cap then I would think it would be bad spark plug leads.

How are the wires on distributor numbered on a 1990 chevy silverado 2500 with 350 engine?

the ht leads may not be nubered but the longest should be used for the furthest away sparkplug. if you need to fit them to the distributor cap, find the firing sequence of the vehicle, find when pison 1 is in top dead centre, then work from piston 1 on the distributor round in the order that the rotor turns, normally clockwise

1989 Nissan bluebird distributor leads order?

The distributor leads order for a 1989 Nissan Bluebird 4 cylinder is 1-3-4-2. The order for the 6 cylinder engine is 1-2-3-4-5-6.

I'm not getting fire to the spark plugs.?

Have you checked all of the High Tension leads from the distributor to the plugs, or just one or two? Same with HT lead from Coil to Distributor, Check Distributor cap for cracks

What is the common reason for missing engine?

An electrical fault, check the spark plug, distributor and leads.

What is the order of spark plug leads from distributor for a 1996 vw polo?

The 1996 VW Polo distributor wire order is 1-3-4-2. The number one spot should be marked on the distributor cap.

How many leads are there in a resistor?

resistors have two leads. the two leads are electrically identical, it doesn't matter which way arround you connect the risistor, the circuit can't tell the difference.

Where is the distributor cap on the s-10 1994 chevy truck located at?

look at the top of the engine... it should have a cover that says Vortec on it. look straight back behind it. If you cant see it just follow a spark plug wire until it leads you to it. If that vehicle has the 2.2L engine, it doesn't have a distributor. It has a "Distributorless Ignition System" aka "DIS".

What is the position of the ht leads on the distributor cap of a 1987 Ford Sierra 2.0L?

Assuming this is the pinto with the distributor on the left side of the engine Look in to the engine compartment no 1 plug lead is the one on the furthest back on the right of the distributor as you look at it

How do you get 12 volt output from 2x 12 volt batts how to setup the leads?

connect + to + and - to - and connect the load between the two + and the two -

What is the order of leads to the distributor cap on an 89 Nissan Pulsar?

1 3 4 2 is firing order

What components are part of the ignition system?

Battery,ignition coil, distributor, spark plug, high tension leads

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How do you remove the distributor directly from the drive and how hard is it to do?

It depends how the distributor is driven, if it is an ohv engine or the distributor is driven by a shaft in the side of the cyl block, the distributor should be driven by a helical gear. To remove this you loosen the pinch bolt at the base of the distributor that clamps it onto the engine, give it a wiggle side to side and just pull until it comes out. Obviously remove the wires and plug leads first, noting the order the leads are in and replace them EXACTLY as they came off, also mark the body of the distributor to a mark on engine block so when it is re-fitted, the marks line up for easy timing. Hope this helps

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What causes a car to hesitate in damp weather?

The problem is likely an electrical one - check your spark plug leads from the distributor to the plugs.

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