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Google the manufacturer's name.


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Q: How can you find out the manufacturer of an 18-year-old aluminum pool to find replacement parts such as wall tracking and bottom plates?
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Tape a sheet of kitchen aluminum foil around the antenna.

How do you disable gps tracking device?

Tape a sheet of kitchen aluminum foil around the antenna.

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Where can you find replacement parts such as tracking and uprights bottom support plates for an old aluminum pool when the manufacturer is unknown?

One way is to make careful measurements of the parts that you require. most of these part can be easily manufactured in a sheet metal workshop such as those that make the special sheet metal shapes for roofing barges ridges etc, make a note of the shape the length and the material you would like to use and have a talk with one of these mobs they are usually able to be of assistance and if not will help set you on the right track.

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Tracking a log...

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