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Lithgow, New South Wales, is the location of an Australian government small arms factory. Slazengers is (was?) a sporting goods company in Sydney. That's all the help you'll get from me. I've got nothing in any of my references and don't think I've even seen a gun made in Australia. I have one, a single-shot, cock-by-hand, bolt action I bought used in New Zealand in 1983. The receiver is merely a bored-out section of the back of the barrel. It's a nice light gun for rabbits and vermin. I added a peep sight, and it's plenty accurate with .22 long rifles and shorts. G'day from Oz

Slazenger rifles in order of production

Slazenger Model 1B 22 cal SAF Lithgow Australia

Slazenger bolt action single shot rifles were manufactured at the small arms factory under contract to Slazenger PTY LTD of Sydney. They were well designed, robust and renowned for accuracy. Production commended in 1940 with the Model 1. This was modified to the Model A1 with 120,000 of these being produced. Further mods led to the model 1B with over 20,000 being produced. The wooden furniture was made in Sydney by Slanzenger and supplied to the SAF assembly.

Slazenger repeater Model 12 22 cal SAF Lithgow OZ.

Production on the model 12 repeating rifle commenced in 1946 and ceased in 1955. The rifle was supplied with a 6 round box magazine and as in other models the barrel was produced from proved barrel steel to the same spec as that used in service rifles. The one piece stock is made from scented satinwood. A modofied version the 55 was produced 1955-1958 with a 5" shorter barrel. More than 100,000 model 12 and Model 55 were manufactured before slazenger decided to stop marketing them in 1958.

Model 55 sorry for the lack of info

Slazernger Hornet Prototype. it never made it to release though the prototypes ( 120) where sold


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Q: How can you find out what type of 22 rifle you have when all it has on it is SAF Lithgow for Slazengers Pty Model 1B?
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