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If your brake fluid is also running low, you probably have a help in your cruise control brake pressure sensor. The brake fluid shorts out the sensor and eventually you'll blow the fuse for the abs, AC, and spedometer/odemeter. Replace the brake pressure sensor. Its under the master cylinder resevour. Remove the air filter first and there lots of room to work. This is a relatively easy fix, the part is about $35.

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Why did the cruise control stop working or work intermittently on an Intrigue?

My 2002 Olsmobile Intrique cruise control works some times when you set it, why?

Honda accord 2000 Cruise control button not working on dash board?

On my 2000 accord the cruise control panel on the left of the steering wheel is out. But the dashboard light still works and so does the actual cruise control. As long as the cc still works its not a big deal.

Why would the cruise control and horn not work on a 2002 ford mustang?

Damaged clockspring coil? check your fuse it works the cruise control, horn and cigar lighter

What are the steps to get the cruise control works?

push the cruise button on then the set button on some cars you cant set until you reach 55mph

Nothing on the 2002 sebring steering wheel works etc horn cruise control?

You need too change the clock spring in the steering wheel. MY 2001 sebring had the same problem, changed it now it's ok. Horn and cruise control works now./

What is adaptive cruise?

It works in conjunction with a radar system, such as Bendix Wingman, and it adjusts the speed of the cruise control in accordance with the following distances behind vehicles in front of you, so that you maintain a safe following distance.

Where is fuse for cruise control on 1998 Nissan Sentra?

The fuse for the cruise control on a 1998 Nissan Sentra is at the Number 22 spot in the fuse box. This is a 10 Amp. fuse that also controls the horn and steering switch. if the horn still works, check the speed sensor on the transmission or the cruise control module on the carburetor.

Your 1990 Mazda 929 cruise control not work but main switch is on no fuse how to find out and fix it.?

take out break peadle, put in reverse and acclerate down busy road, cruise control will take action at some point ( it works i tried it)

Ford galaxy cruise control works on throttle position and not on speed?

If the Ford Galaxy cruise control is not working properly, check the speed sensor on the transmission. It is located just behind the bell housing. There is also a fuse that can be checked in the fuse box on top of the battery.

Where is the cruise control fuse on your 1999 dodge diesel?

It is the same fuse that feeds the PCM. So if the truck runs and the alternator works it is not a fuse.

How does adaptive cruise control works?

There is a distance sensor (think radar or sonar) in the front bumper or grill to measure how far away any vehicle is. The computer can than shut cruise down or apply brakes automatically.

What can of code scanner can you use for windstar 2001?

One that works with OBD II.

Do you still get your period if your on the pill and take Antibiotics?


Why does my cruise control light not work on my 2000 Honda accord ex when the cruise sets and works ok?

Do you mean the light on the dash button (below the left air vent) or in the instrument cluster? My 2000 Accord's cruise control button light doesn't work - I'm assuming the bulb is burnt out. You may want to check your fuse box before you consider replacing the bulb but ultimately, that'd be my guess.

Will 'New Kids on the Block' have a 2010 cruise?

Yes, Jordan Knight has announced via Twitter that there will be a cruise in 2010. There is also a November cruise in the works.

Why does the speedometer on a ford windstar work intermittently?

on my windstar speedo only worked when it wanted to I replaced the speedo head 2 years later still works great

1987 Mercedes 300 sdl cruise control not working?

Usually the cruise amplifier has failed - replaced mine (had dealer do it actually, it's up under the steering column and I am a poor mechanic) with a rebuilt part I found on the 'net for about $250, far cheaper than a new MB part. Cruise works perfectly now.

What is donkey's name who works on the carnival cruise ship the conquest?

His name is Christopher, like the cruise director on the same ship.

Cruise control 1999 Jeep not working?

I had the similar problem with my Jeep 1999 grand Cherokee cruise control not working the gates for the interior worked fine just no cruise control, looking at the other respondence I found that the vacuum hose off the control unit was bent going to a auto parts store and bought a slight bit longer hose and is now working fine I was ready to replace the whole unit. the other thing is the upper radiator hose looks to be 1½" on both ends it is not the NAPA hose calls for #9117 and states it is same on both ends which is 1½" the correct one is from pep-boys Dayco 1-15/32" slight bit smaller and works much better and cheaper.

What are the advantages to booking from cruise direct?

The major advantage of booking with Cruise Direct over the Cruise Line is the lower price guarantee. Cruise Direct works with the cruise lines directly to score bigger savings than a traveler could find themselves.

2002 windstar Heater blower works but no heat?

my 1999 winstar was doing this and it was the blend door

How do you fix 1995 corvette cruise control nothing works won't do anything?

Before you spend too much time checking circuits check the third brake light. GM used the bulb for the grounding circuit to turn off cruise when you step on the brake if its out the CC will not set.

Why would the cruise control on a 1993 Honda Accord stop working speedometer still works?

ECM fault, wiring fault, brake or clutch switch not releasing fully, bad switches.

What is fidelio computer system and JIMAC?

how does fidelio system works in a cruise ship?

Why does your cruise control only work occasionally on your 96 Chevy Silverado?

Check the release switch that connects to the brakes. On many vehicles the brake light switch will cause the cruise to disengage. Next time, try pulling up on the brake pedal when you engage cruise. If it works when you're pulling up, you might be able to adjust the switch. It's physically connected to the brake pedal.