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There are online searches that can do the trick for you, but the majority are scams. Basically, if they're free or instant, you can rest assured that the results aren't the current ones on file with your state. There are laws protecting driver registration information, so you'd need to place an online license plate search with private investigators who have access to vehicle ownership records with the DMV. The prices are usually marginal, around $30-$40 dollars and the results come in pretty quickly.

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Q: How can you find the last owner of a vehicle so you can get the title if you know the VIN number?
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how to find the owner of a vehicle using the vin number?

how to find the owner of a vehicle using the vin number

How do you find previous owner of vehicle?

it should be on the title or just use the vin and do a car report on the internet

How do you find the lien holder if you only have the VIN of the car and no paperwork but you do have the car?

To find the lien holder of a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will have to apply for a duplicate title. The VIN will be necessary to obtain the duplicate title. The lien holder will be listed on the duplicate title.

How do you find the owner of a 1968 car?

research the serial number through the title department.



Can a car owner add a person's name to it's registration and title?

Yes, they can. Contact your state's motor vehicle department to find out HOW.

How to find owner of a hit and run i have VIN number?

Did you report this to the police? If you did, surely you turned over the vin number. It's not appropriate for you to be tracking down the vehicle owner.

How do you obtain a vehicle title in your name if you found a car and the owner is deceased and there was no exeutive of estate because the only child did not know about the car which was out of state?

You have to find out who the executor of the estate is. They should be able to sell you the vehicle and sign the title over to you.

Do police know if your car is registered to an unliscensed driver?

They can find that info out by running the plate number and then, when the owner i sdisplayed, running the name of the owner. The owner of a vehicle does not have to have a license.

Find lien on lost title of vehicle?

If the vehicle has a lien, the title shouldn't be lost, the lienholder should have it. Once the vehicle is paid in full, they will mail you the title.

How do i Find the owner of a motorcycle without a title or tag?

Or, you can take the vin number to your DMV or PD and have them run it that way.

How do you register a vehicle in california when title was signed not notarized cant find seller?

You need to bring the title and your bill of sale to the DMV to see what their policy is in such a situation and whether or not you have any options. The DMV may be able to assist you in locating the owner of the vehicle so the owner can perfect the transfer if necessary. A Notarized signature is not a necessary component of a vehicle transfer in the state of California

How do you find the serial number for a 1994 Acura Legend?

There are several places you will find the serial number for a 1994 Acura Legend. You can find this number on the driver's side of the vehicle at the lower corner of the window. You will also find this number on the inside of the driver's side door along the edge. The vehicle serial number is also printed on insurance, registration, and title for a vehicle as well.

How do you find out with a vehicle license plate number who it belongs to?

Most popular website for Vehicle number registration search is .This website gives accurate information like State result, RTO Code, RTO/Registration Office info, Address, Owner Details. Type accurate vehicle number/Licence plate number in boxes and find the perfect result in few seconds with the complete vehicle owner and address location details. give all Indian RTO registered numbers of any vehicles that includes Car, Auto, Truck, Bus, Bike, LCV etc.

How can you find the owner of a vehicle with a VIN?

Ask a cop.

How do you find out if a title has a lien?

The name and address of the lienholder will be on the title under the name of the owner.

I need to apply for a lost title but how do you find a VIN number if you have a lost title and the VIN number is not located on the vehicle at all in order to apply for the lost title?

call your dmv, or insurance company call your dmv, or insurance company

What if you can not find the owner of the property?

You need to hire a professional. A professional title examiner can perform a title examination to find the owner of the property. If the property is listed as "owner unknown" in the tax assessor's records the research may be costly.

How do you find a vehicle VIN number with only the license plate number and name of owner in California?

You would have to submit an inquiry with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


WHO WAS PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? NAME ON TITLE OF CAR PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? looking to find out previous owner how many previous owner

How can you find out if your car has a salvage title?

The title itself will sate that the car is a salvaged vehicle.

If you have an stalker how can you find out who the vehicle owner is?

by looking at the car license

How do i get a title switched over if the person i bought it from hasn't switched it over and we cant find the owner that is shown on the title?

Why would you buy a vehicle from someone who does not have clear title? Take the vehicle back to the person who had no right to sell it in the first place and get your money back. They did not meet all the terms of the contract in that they failed to provide clear title; therefore, the contract of purchase and sale is null and void. Next time ensure that the person who is selling you a vehicle, actually owns the vehicle. Good Lord!

Can you change a reconstructed title back to normal title after repairs to vehicle?

If you find a state that does not have reconstructed titles, and register the vehicle there, you may be able to do it.

How can you find out what the vehicle was sold for you were told that if they sold the vehicle for more than what you owe they have to report that to the credit bureau as paid in full?

how can you find the vehicle that the owner sold?