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How can you fix a misfire on a Daewoo Nexia if leads and plugs are ok?


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hello belive it or not my N reg 1.5 nexia returned from the garage today but still had a misfire so i changed the dizy cap leads plugs and rotery arm but guese what still misfired .............................

so after much head scraching swearing and contemplating getting a new ditributer i went back to the garage to bite the bullit while i was there the mechanic decided that it wasnt getting any fuel to cylinder number 2 so had a look behind the top of the engine

there on plaine veiw is 4 electric plugs each with 2 wires going in to them , for the injectors he very simply pushed down on them and we heard a click problem solved no misfire


apparently these shake loose after a number of miles an takes the fuel away fron the pot so hope this helps it worked for me let us know if it worked for you here is hoping :-)