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You cant

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Q: How can you fix an ac leak in your car?
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Why does an AC leak water inside the car and how do you fix this problem?

your drain line for your ac evaporator core is plugged up. A service station can blow this out for you.

How do you fix a leak in the AC unit?

With torches and soldering sticks.

What to do about a fuel leak in your car?

Fix it.

How do you fix an antifreeze leak on passenger side of car?

You have to determine the source of the leak then decide on how to fix it.

When you turn on your ac there is a leak in the front how can you fix this?

Are you sure you have a leak? Most of the time when using the air conditioner, your car will appear to be leaking water or dripping underneath the vehicle, towards the front.

Can you block the high side on a car ac if it is leaking?

can you block the high side on the ac on a car to stop a leak

How do you fix leak water pump in car?

You have to replace it. They are designed to leak when they are going bad.

How do you fix the car running lean?

Look for a vacuum leak.

How do you get the smoke smell out of a car?

Find and fix exhaust leak

How do you fix a leak on a windshield washer pump?

Get a new car

Why does your car car smell like antiseptic in a hospital when your ac is on?

This normally indicates a refrigerant leak. STOP USING YOUR AC IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THIS SMELL!! The fumes from the fluid in your AC system are highly toxic. The leak needs to be sorted out before the AC can be used again.

How much to fix fuel leak in car?

Depends on where the leak is located, and how much labor will go into fixing it.

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