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How can you fix an overheating problem?

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It could be as simple as the radiator cap or as serious as a leaky head gasket or intake manifold gasket (GM V-6). Other possibilities: bad temperature sensor or electric fan, bugs and dirt on outside of radiator, plugged radiator, wrong coolant mix (use 50/50 water/anifreeze), plugged catalytic converter (would also affect performance). If you suspect thermostat, replace it, do not just remove it. You've already mentioned water pump and radiator.

2015-07-15 21:29:37
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Q: How can you fix an overheating problem?
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Why will your car start but shuts off after over heating?

I'm going to guess your answer is right there in your question, the car is overheating. Find the cause of the overheating and it might just fix your problem.

Effects of car overheating?

You can warp the head and crack the block if you keep it running for too long while its overheating, that's only two things. Fix the problem before you blow the engine.

How do you fix overheating on a dodge Ram 250 van?

I'm not a mechanic but, I had to replace my radiator to fix the overheating problem on my 1994. That was the last thing I replaced after replacing the water pump, thermostat, and replaced my fan with a clutch fan. have not had anymore problems with it overheating once the radiator was replaced. Flush the coolant first then replace the radiator. Hope this helps.

How do you fix an overheating Cadillac converter?

replace it

Mazda mx3 is overheating has no cooling leak - how can you fix it?

with my 95 mx3 i was having the same problem all i did was adjusted the angle of the radiator and the over heating problem stopped id try that

How do you fix an overheating problem on a 1994 Kia Sephia?

By finding the cause of the overheating. It is normally, bad thermostat, bad water pump, clogged radiator, either internally or externally, a defective cooling fan, or defective cooling fan relay.

What is the impacts of Overheating of the parts of computers?

hardware problem hardware problem

1992 Subaru Legacy Wagon overheating?

what is the cost to fix an overheating Subaru Legacy Wagon. Is it the thermostat? How much are they to replace?

What can you do when your car is overheating?

I had a ford contour that overheated a lot. Took it to several mechanics and no one could find a reason to why it was overheating. Since I couldn't fix the problem, I just kicked on the AC when it started to run too warm and that kept it at normal running temp.

How do you fix 2001 Grand Cherokee overheating problem?

The further north you drive, the cooler the engine will get. If the problem doesn't resolve itself by the time you pass the Arctic Circle, you should call On-Star or AAA for further assistance.

Why is my 1992 dodge Dakota overheating during daytime?

Your truck is overheating because it needs a new radiator. I had the same problem, after I installed the new radiator and flushed out my remaining cooling system I never had a overheating problem since.

The thermostat light keeps coming on and going off and now the engine is overheating with no heat coming out of the fan?

I suggest you take your car to the dealer and they might be able to fix the problem.

Why does my 1992 Toyota Camry wagon still keep overheating?

Possibly the thermostat is broken. Easy fix but if not that then it may be the water pump which is a bigger problem only because labor is difficult.

Could my Chevy silverado valves clatter if I had a radiator problem?

Valves will clatter if the engine is overheating.Valves will clatter if the engine is overheating.

How do you fix overheating in 1995 ES300 Lexus?

Replace the head gasket. Yep.

How do you fix an itouch?

Depends on the problem. If you want to fix the problem, then find the solution and use the solution to fix it.

Your Mazda MPV 1993 6cyl is overheating you replaced the thermostat and it is still overheating What can be causing the problem?

are the cooling fans coming on

How do you fix an overheating problem after putting in 2 bottles of Bars antifreeze stop leak?

Dont use barsleak use a chemical called therma weld it work perfect for me its about 300$ and worth it!!!!

Computer restarting on bootup?

could possibly be a overheating problem

What is the reason for overheating in transformer?

Load & oil Same Problem.....

What is the problem of engine overheating?

The engine could possibly seize.

How do you fix a Chevy Blazer starting problem?

trying to fix simular problem

What can you do to fix the problem of gay people in the military?

There is no problem of gays in the military, so there is nothing to fix.

Your 1994 Mazda b3000 truck is overheating?

my 1991 b2200was overheating until i removed the radiator and sent it to be cleaned, problem solved.

Why are my radio lights out on my 2000 ford explorer?

I have the same issue. This appears to be quite common. This is apparently caused by overheating. There are a few places online that discuss how to fix the problem. As well, there are also repair places.