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If it has been sitting the brake pads may be stuck to the drums. Backing off the tensioner may allow them to release enough to move but then you should remove the drums and clean them before resetting. If you jack both sides of the car up does one side move or are both sides not moving?

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Is there any slip on a Top Fuel or Funny Car between the rear tires and the track at the starting line?

If you mean to the tires spin at the starting line then the answer is yes. while its not enough to smoke the tires they do spin some.

Rear tires spin in neutral?

Do you mean that they spin when the back end is jacked up? If so, don't worry about it... it's normal.

What does a Plymouth posy traction rear end looks like?

Raise the rear tires off ground. Spin 1 tire while watching other rear wheel, if both rear wheels spin in the same direction it is a posi-trac rear.

Is spin tires available for the xbox 360?

is spin tires available or the xbox360

What is a posi rear-end?

A posi rear end (positive traction) drives both rear wheels.a posi rear end is when both rear tires spin instead of just one

Is 1999 vw front wheel or rear wheel drive?

Just peel out and see which tires spin! I'll save you the wear on your tires, it's front wheel drive.

How do you tell if you have a limited slip differential?

Jack up the which ever end is in question to get the tires off the ground. Put the transmission in neutral and spin one of the tires by hand. If the opposite tire spins in the same direction, you have a limited slip differential. If the opposite tire spins in the opposite direction, you have an open rear end. just pull the automobile off to the side of the road with one rear tire in the grass or mud and the other tire still on the road. now mash the gas and spin the tires if it's a open rear end then the tire in the grass or mud will spin only. if it's a limited slip it won't spin at all.

What does stop stand for?

back then it meant spin for s tires for t on for o pavement for p spin tires on pavement

How many tires spin when a car is accelerated?

Depending on the concept of the question. Burning rubber can be from 1 to 4 depending on asking about a 4 wheel drive down to a slip differential rear wheel drive. Of course all 4 tires turn, as in spin when an auto is moving...

Can you replace the front tires only on a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L?

Yes you can, but the tire store will probably (and should) insist that they put the new tires on the rear of the car and move the rear tires to the front. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but believe me, if you get into a situation where you are turning and your tires slip, you want the front to break loose first. If that happens, the car will simply not turn and your reaction is to slow down. If the rear tires break loose first, you will spin out. Pro drivers know to turn the wheels in the opposite direction, hit the accelerator and get ready to compensate when the rear end whips around. The average driver will hit the breaks and spin out or overcompensate and whip around the other way. Bottom line, when getting only two new tires, put them on the rear regardless of whether it is a RWD or FWD.

What is the best gear to have for a 88 suzuki samurai with 33 tires with 5.13 gears in rear what should you put in front axle?

Well you have to have the same gear in the front and in the rear of any set of axles so the tires spin at the same rate other wise you would wear your tires out from then skidding all the time, and or brake the transfer case gears...

Your tires wont spin after getting stuck in snow Got it out but now truck starts but will not move and tires wont spin. what is wrong?

its either the trans or case

Why do drag racer spin their tires?

to get heat into their tires, to improve grip. also, it could be because the power has overcome the friction of the tires.

What causes a battery to die?

when you spin out, or burn your tires, yo!

How do you balance my tires?

Take it to a tire shop, and they will spin balance them.

When you rotate tires should they be spin balanced?

yes of vo

Should front tires spin when the vehicle is jacked up high enough that the tires no longer touch the ground?

If the vehicle is a rear-wheel drive, the tires should be able to rotate when not in contact with the ground - unless the brake is set to stop the rotation. If it is a front-wheel drive, the tires should not rotate unless the vehicle is in neutral - likewise if 4-wheel drive is engaged.

How do I test 4 wheel drive motor in ford explorer 2002?

Find a gravel parking lot, hit the gas and see if at least 3 tires spin. Not all four tires will always spin.

Is it better to get front tires or back tires when you cant afford all four?

It is recommended my many tyre manufacturers to have new tyres fitted to the rear of your car. the reason for this is simple, if you loose grip on the front of your car you can regain control by straitening your steering lifting off the brake or accelerator pedal etc. If you loose control of the rear of your car you will spin out with no way of regaining control. so, put new tyres on the rear of your car

How do lock out hubs on a 4 wheel drive work?

The hubs lock the axel to the hub, which drives the wheel. With the transfer case in 2WD, the rear driveshaft drives the rear wheels. Without front hubs, in 2WD, as the front tires roll, they spin the axles and the front driveshaft. With lock out hubs, in 2WD and the hubs unlocked only the tires spin. However, in 4WD if you forget to lock the hubs, only the driveshafts and axles spin. When I lived in MI, in the winter I always kept my hubs "locked", this way I could shift into 4WD whenever I needed to without getting out in the cold to "lock" the hubs.

How does tire size affect the speedometer in a car?

The speedometer in a car runs based off the speed of the transmission. The gears in the transmission spin at a known rate for the speed the vehicle is traveling at. The faster the gears spin the more the speedometer goes up. If a person replaces stock tires with larger tires, then the tires will spin slower, which will cause the speedometer to read at a value that is less than the actual speed.

What causes tires to spin in dry road conditions?

hitting the gas too hard

Why do you push a race car to start?

you have to push it to start because the clutch is too light to cleanly start off normally, without spinnign the tires. if you spin the tires (in a race car) you risk snapping the axle, and unnecessary tire spin.

What does pedalling mean on the show Pinks?

Peddling is the art of letting off the accelerator to stop wheel-spin when the tires break loose, and then getting right back on the gas when the tires hook up. Tire spin is not what you want when drag racing. Wheel spin equates to loss of traction and slower elapsed times.

Huge vibration in rear end when under load and stops when you let off the gas If you spin the tires a few times it will go away for a week or so like the gears have to be in a certain spot?

Sounds like rear stabilizer bar may have a crack in it, on the Marks they are hollow, and check the suspension in the rear, maybe bushings are pretty much shot.

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