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The transmission is messed up, try playing between neutral/reverse and drive, my old Hyundai excel did that and the transmission did a weird sound then went back OK, but not for long.

Recommended to change it.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:52:58
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Q: How can you fix your neon if it wont reverse and will drive in neutral?
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How do you make a car drive if when its in neutral or drive it wants to move but won't and when its in reverse it will reverse?

it will drive but when in reverse it wont move

What can I do to make a car drive when it feels like it wants to move but wont and in neutral its stuck and in reverse it will move?

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What do you do when your 1991 Chevy caprice classic car wont go in reverse and the neutral is drive?

Your shift linkage may have slipped or become loose. Check your linkage.

How a 1998 trans am wont reverse but drives in neutral?

Hoe a train moves.

How a 1996 Avalon wont reverse but drives in neutral?

Shift linkage may need to be adjusted?

Why wont my 1997 Ford Taurus wont go in reverse or start in drive?

For the Reverse problem, you could have low transmission fluid, or a bad transmission. For starting in drive, just about every modern car will not start when the transmission is in gear. They will only start in Park or Neutral. This is a safety feature to prevent the car from taking off into someone or something when started.

Why wont my car start after automatic shifter in 'drive' or 'reverse' while key is removed?

It needs to be in park or neutral to start. All cars have a "safety" switch which prevents starting in gear.

Why does your vehicle drive forward only?

does it shift into reverse and wont drive? if so its your tranny it needs to be replaced

1997 dodge neon it wont shift from 3rd to reverse?

i cannot shift from 3 to reverse my cable line for the shifting is disconnected and don't know where it suppose to go

Can the neutral safety switch cause your catera to act like its in neutral while its in drive?

No your car just wont come out of park.

Your truck wont go in drive only reverse and drive low is it the whole transmission?

You are probably low on transmission fluids

Why wont your 1996 Chevy blazer go in reverse and will go forword in neutral?

Frozen/seized clutch pack, time for a rebuild.

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