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How can you get a good deal of more torque and a little bit more horse power out of a stock 1994 305 engine that was in your c1500 you already changed all the filters and oils It has 190500 miles?


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2007-04-24 01:54:17
2007-04-24 01:54:17

K&N air filter, flowmaster exaust. 190K is kinda late to modify engine a whole bunch. Dont get it hot it wont last. aahhh to be young again headers and high flow exhaust componants, and maybe a high performance ignition system and some new plugs....if you want to do any serious modifications (new cam, valves, pistons, ETC) you will need to do a COMPLETE rebuild or it wont last at all.

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You can convert a petrol engine into a diesel engine by changing the fuel injectors. The fuel filters will also need to be changed.

The obvious answer would be that its not getting fuel. Have the fuel filters been changed?

Yes , although you will have to top up the engine oil level ( or prefill the new engine oil filter ) * assuming you haven't put the required amount of oil in the engine already *

One engine oil filter, and two trans oil filters. The engine filter is on the right front of the engine. The trans filters are in the trans pan.

When you changed the Radiator did you flush the engine to remove the transmission fluid that the already mixed with your water in the engine block. If not that would explain the presence of the fluid in the coolant holding tank.

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An oil filter is an integral part of any motor vehicle engine. Oil filters work to remove any contaminants and sediment from the engine oil in a vehicle which is extremely important for engine efficiency. Oil filters should be replaced every 3000 miles or so in order for the oil in your engine to perform its job of lubricating the engine.

That depends on what engine you have.

Change oil and filters regularly

In line filters are directional. check that filter was not installed backwards look for arrow on the side of filter. arrow should point towards engine an away from fuel tank

It could need a tune up and filters changed or if the check engine light is on have the codes read. Also, check for leaks.

The filters such as the air filter, the oil filter and the fuel filter remove harmful contaminants from entering the system.

Replace the air and fuel filters.

Fake oil filters may not be capable of filtering and trapping impurities in the oil, denying your engine the protection afforded by clean oil. Also, fake oil filters have no bypassvalve that allows supply of oil into the engine under clogged conditions. This might result to engine stalling and high repair cost.

The engine oil should be changed at least every 3,000 miles on a 1985 Toyota Tercel. An automobile this old should also have the oil and air filters changed at the same time for the motor to run move efficiently.

dirty fuel filters for one !!

Probably clog the fuel filters.

In a gasoline engine vehicle, the catalytic converter.

manufacturers were adding particulate filters as standard components of the diesel engine. The filters were designed to act as barriers, preventing the diesel emissions from being released into the air.

No. The fuel filter filters the liquid gasoline that is pumped to the engine.The charcoal canister traps the gasoline vapors from the fuel system so they can be burned in the engine.No. The fuel filter filters the liquid gasoline that is pumped to the engine.The charcoal canister traps the gasoline vapors from the fuel system so they can be burned in the engine.

The oil provides lubrication for all the moving parts within the engine. It also helps in cooling the engine. The oil filter cleans the oil of all contaminates. As stated. The oil filters job is to clean the oil. But it should be changed at every oil change. While cleaning it builds up deposits of crud in the filter. Some filters have a bypass valve. That will dump dirty oil back into the engine when they are clogged up. This is not good but it does it to save the engine. But if you change the filter as you should this will not be a problem The air filter has the same job for the intake air. A clogged air filter will cause poor performance of your engine. So keep it clean and changed on a regular schedule. Never run an engine without a filter. This can lead to major engine damage.

air filters clean the dirt while oil filters strain the used oil eliminating the tiny metal shavings from the engine

Normally it will last the life of the engine and is changed when the engine is overhauled.

It will last the life of the engine and is changed during a complete engine overhaul.

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