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Call some of these companies. Be prepared to start out at the BOTTOM.

  • International Recovery Systems, Inc - Collingdale/Philadelphia, PA This Agency has submitted a 'Certificate of Insurance' Phone: 610-534-0404 Fax: 610-534-1555 Cover the states of PA, MD, NJ, and DE.
  • American Lenders Service Co. - Scranton - Dunmore, PA This Agency has submitted a 'Certificate of Insurance' Phone: 570-655-3699 Fax: 570-347-4913
  • United States Auto Recovery, Inc - Trenton, NJ This Agency has submitted a 'Certificate of Insurance' Phone: 609-695-1003 Fax: 609-656-1707 Cover South New Jersey, Philadelphia and Lower Bucks County
  • Wheeler Associates, Inc. - Mechanicsburg, PA This Agency has submitted a 'Certificate of Insurance' Phone: 717-554-7532 Fax: 717-796-1952 Serving Central Pennsylvania in the 717, 570, 610 area codes
  • G.A.S. Auto Recovery - Philadelphia, PA This Agency has submitted a 'Certificate of Insurance' Phone: 800-362-1171 Fax: 215-855-5815 We serve the entire state of Pennsylvania and KRS - Tyrone, PA Phone: 814-684-0239 Fax: 814-684-0238 cover the entire state of PA.
  • Halfmoon Towing - state college, PA Phone: 814-235-2869 Fax: 814-692-8571 Covering all of Pa. Pro-Tech Recovery - Philadelphia, PA Phone: 215-624-4780 Fax: 215-624-8470 Covering all of Philadelphia and eastern PA.
  • Kreis Adjustment & Investigation Service - Selinsgrove, PA Phone: 570-374-8950 Fax: 570-374-8958
  • Chappell Recovery Service - Ebensburg, PA Phone: 814-472-4788 Fax: 814-471-9620 Serving most of Pennsylvania.
  • D & D Adjustment Company, Inc. - Morrissville, PA Phone: 215-736-2970 Fax: 215-736-2976 Serving PA, NJ, DE, and MD..
  • All Star 24 Hour Towing - Allentown, PA Phone: 610-791-4317 Serving north-eastern Pa.
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Q: How can you get into the repossession business in northeast Pennsylvania?
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To start a repossession business you must file the appropriate business license. Many repossession businesses also have insurance and a bond for their business.

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All US states require the repossession agency be licensed and bonded.

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