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I would recommend that you look into Pilates. This form of exercise works well with building balance and tone through the method of exercises that are given to the individual. If you really want to get specific in targeting your own personal areas of need, you should try working one on one with a private trainer. Good luck.

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What is a safe alternative to ab crunches?

Although if you do them properly ab crunches are safe, there are a number of alternatives such as: alternate leg lifts, joint leg lifts, alternate leg cycles, joint leg cycles, cross crunches, floor crunches, feet to the ceilings, reverse floor crunches, reverse bench crunches, straight-arm pulldowns, hanging leg raises, Swiss ball crunches, weighted Swiss ball crunches, and Swiss ball reverse crunches.

What are reverse crunches?

Reverse crunches are the opposite of a crunch. You lie on your back and bring your legs up to your chest in repeated motions while keeping your arms on the ground.

what are the exercises that you do in the police academy?

This is the standard police workout: - Regular Crunches - 25 , - Reverse Crunches - 25 , - Double Crunches - 25 , - Left Crunches - 25 , - Right Crunches - 25 , - Stretch abs and lower back

What are the best ab workouts?

Here is what you do in order:Basic crunches: 30 secondsLeft Oblique crunch: 30 secondsRight Oblique crunches: 30 secondsBicycle crunches: 30 secondsFlat crunches: 30 secondsVertical Crunches: 30 secondsReverse crunches: 30 seconds

Abdominal exercises after abdominal surgery?

Here are some abdominal exercises that can be done after abdominal surgery. Crunches, oblique twists, reverse crunches and pushup/twists are good exercises to do after abdominal surgery.

Should you do crunches or full sit ups to tighten your abs?

The question of the best ab excerise is highly debated. You will find sites that claim ONLY crunches will do and sites that claim ONLY full situps will do. In my experience they're about the same but crunches are less stressful for the back...remember reverse crunches are just as effective and you may find them easier.

What is the best workout to improve abs?

If you are in begining stage then you can follow some steps for improve abs.I am telling you about some easy abs workout. 1. Crunches. 2. Bycycle crunches. 3. Reverse crunches. 4. Plunks. 5. Hip thrusts. 6. Pendulums.

What is the best exercise to get rid of belly fat?

Crunches are the best way to help rid belly fat. Not only should you do traditional crunches, but you should also target your lower abs and oblique's, which can be achieved through side crunches and bicycles.

How do you get over a weightloss plateau?

You'll have to switch up your workout. Like if you do crunches, try reverse crunches instead, or jog with weights. Just switch up your exersize routine, and you should get right back on track.

I am wondering what is the definition of a reverse mortgage?

The definition of reverse mortgage is when the bank takes out a loan based on your property. This is used for extending your mortgage beyond what it is now.

What are some ab workouts that I can do at home?

Ab workouts you can do at home include sit ups, crunches, bicycling, captains chair, leg crunches, long arm crunch, reverse crunch, and planking. All of these exercises will tone and strengthen your core.

What is definition for vise versa?

same in reverse direction....

What can cause right lower abdominal pain when doing reverse crunches?

Improper breathing throughout the reverse crunches can cause abdominal pain. Lower abdominal pain may also be caused by the exercise itself, which works the lower abdomen. Pain on the right side of the abdomen can also be a symptom of appendicitis, so you should see a doctor if it persists.

What is the definition of purled?

a type of knitting using reverse stitches

Can you now reverse the definition of love impressed deep on my mind?

no you can not

What is the definition for vice vera?

Situation described in reverse order.

How do you get a six pack quick and easy?

Six pack takes approximately 6 weeks, and lots of determination. I can recommend doing sit ups, reverse crunches, seated abdominal crunches, oblique abdominal crunches, or trunk rotations. Like they say, no pain, no gain. If you feel the burn you are getting results =) Also if you have some body fat, try to eat healthy and cut down on snacks.

What is the definition of selective reverse mutation?

It is a change in a gene that specifically selected

What is meant by reverse peristalsis and describe what parts are involved?

Peristalsis is the muscular action that causes material to travel (normally) through the gastro-intestinal system. Reverse peristalsis is the reverse : that is from the colon to the small intestines to the stomach to the esophagus to the mouth - and then vomited out.

What is a website where you can type in the definition and find the word? Its a reverse dictionary website

What are good abdominal exercises?

Crunches.Obviously crunches but a more strenuos exercise is lying down on your back on the floor with your hands at your side then lifting your feet together about 6 inches off the ground, do this till your legs give up! The weight of your legs works every muscle in the abdomin! Do this exercise 3 - 5 times a night as it doesnt take long.Actually the best exercise for abdominals is not the basic crunch, it is a tie between doing crunches on an exercise ball and bicycle crunches. The reason these are both better than regular crunches is because using an exercise ball means you get a wider range of motion and you can work a larger section of your abdomen.Doing bicycle crunches is a great way to burn calories and work out your entire core at the same time. You can work out your entire core because you are not doing just one motion, you work out the sides as well as the center.These exercises may help you to get ripped in a month: Bicycle Crunches ( Legs Raised ), Straight Leg Raises ( Support your back ), Straight Leg Pendulum ( Side Abs), Butterfly Crunch ( Whole Abdominal ), Reverse Crunches ( Lower Abs), Reverse Crunches, Medicine Ball (Lower Abs), Medicine Ball twisties. Oblique (Side Abs), Medicine Ball Reach ( Upper Abs ), Bench Knee Ups ( Lower Abs ), Medicine Ball Pendulum, oblique (Side Abs), Ball Crunches (Upper Abs).

What is definition of a chronological resume?

A resume that spotlights the jobs an applicant has held listed in reverse order.

If your young how do you get a six pack?

Do a hundred crunches feet up in the air and try to touch your toes with each one. Then do a hundred more with your feet flat on the ground. Then do a hundred with each leg in the air. Then do a hundred reverse crunches which is when you lie on your back with your legs up and lift your butt off the ground. If you do this every day for a week, you should have a six pack.

What is the best exercise for building strong abs?

There are many exercises that can help a person to build a strong core. Planks, crunches, leg lifts, reverse crunches, and Russian twists are a few of the most popular, and when done properly are extremely effective.

Who discovered reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis was discovered and developed by Sidney Loeb at the University of California. Srinivasa Sourirajan at the National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa also worked on the process.