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Get an annulment. If the marraige was based on lies or something was illegal, you don't need a divorce. You annul the marraige by filing at the local courthouse. It costs very little in many states. * If the marriage is in connection with an immigrant obtaining permanent residency or citizenship status, it would be prudent to discuss the matter with an attorney qualified in Immigration law before taking any action.

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2006-04-17 23:25:06
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Q: How can you get out of a fraudulent marriage?
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How can you report a fraudulent marriage?

local authoraties would be the best place to start.

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Is there a penalty for a 5 year old fraudulent immigration marriage?

Yes. A fradulent marriage for the purpose of obtaining citizenship is unlawful under the US Code. It COULD result in the deportation of the alien offender.

What does fraudulent mean?

Fraudulent means deceitful, or acting on fraud."A fraudulent scheme to escape paying taxes"Fraudulent means something that is faked. A lie.

What will someone be charged with if they get caught marrying an immigrant for citizenship?

Fraud, and a fraudulent marriage for an immigration benefit results in a LIFETIME ban from getting a green card.

Where can you report a complaint against a fraudulent marriage?

This is a felony and can be reported to the local police department. You will want to speak directly with the detectives division if at all possible.

How can an lawyer file a will that has a fraudulent name on it?

A name cannot be fraudulent.

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Legitimate or kosher could be antonyms of fraudulent.

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He was put in prison for his fraudulent behavior.

If you are already married can the two of you get married again in another state?

No. You would need to apply for a marriage license in which you attest to your marital status. The license would not be issued if you are already married. If you succeeded in obtaining a marriage license by some fraudulent means, the second "marriage" would be invalid since you are already married.

Is a fraudulent check a felony in Sc?

Yes. Anything fraudulent is a felony everywhere.

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