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How can you get permission to use clip art images in your poetry book?

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Just email the site that you got it from, also you could look at the terms of service page that the site should have. I know sites like are very accepting of people who want to use their clipart for offline things.

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How to draw er diagram for dictionary?

draw a fat book( hint type it in google images and specify as a clip art)

Can you draw your own picture of a clip art be used for a children's book you are self publishing and If not can you do it if you do not receive any royalties from the sale of the book?

Clip art is generally issued with a specific license; if your use is not covered by that license, you would need additional permission. An original picture would only need permission from the artist. If that's you, you're done.

What is the difference between clip art and images?

Usually clip art refers to graphics that are drawn or rendered. Images usually refer to captured photographs.

What are ready made images known as?

Ready-made images are known as clip art.

Graphic images that can be inserted in the document are?

clip art

Where can I find online free clipart?

It might be hard finding a specific site for certain clip images. If you use powerpoint it has some built in clip art you can use or you can just try for a large amount of clip art images.

Graphic images that can be added to a publication are called?

clip art

What are collection of drawings and images that you can incorporate in documents called?

Clip art

How do you get a copyright permission from Paramount Pictures for use of Jimmy Stewart audio clip?

Paramount has a division dedicated to clip licensing, at the link below.

What is a collection of illustrations and photographs that can be searched to find images for your presentation?

Clip art?

Where Images included with Microsoft Office or downloaded from the Web are called?

Those images are called "Clip Art". They can be found in Microsoft Word or on the internet.

How do you get copyright permission from Warner Bros?

It depends on what you're trying to get permission to do. Clip and still licensing can be done with the form linked below; permission to show a movie in public can be given by a licensing company such as Swank.

What is a collection of electronic drawings photos and other images that can be inserted into documents?

Clip art

Graphic images of which some are included with word that can be inserted in the document are called?

clip art

Where can one find free Christmas clip art images?

Free Christmas clip art images are available on thousands of different websites. There are just as many options to choose from as there are websites - for instance, religious or secular, colour or black and white, cartoon or fine art. There's clip art out there for any occasion.

What is the difference between clip art and graphics art?

Well, clip art usually refers to stock images created to be freely used in any document, so graphics art can refer to any type of graphic, while clip art is specifically those stock little images you see in Word doucments.

Does a person have the right to use clip art images to profit?

It depends on the license that came with the clip art. There is likely to be copyright information embedded in the file's metadata.

Where can free Christmas clipart images be found?

Christmas clip art images can be found on computer software programs such as Microsoft Word/Microsoft Office. Christmas clip art can also be found for free on many websites and through sharing with friends.

Which graphic arts programs offer Christmas card images?

Most clip art sites will have downloadable imagery suitable for usage on a Christmas card. Additionally, Microsoft clip art has lots of images and can be downloaded from within programs such as Office and Publisher.

Graphic images of which some are included with Word that can be inserted in the document are called what art?

clip art

Where can one find free clip art images of a palm tree?

On All-free-download you can find a variety of palm trees for downloading. They styles range from nearly photographic to abstract. All clip-art images are royalty free and can be used freely.

Where can someone find free clipart images of Christmas?

The "Open Clip Art Library" is a great resource for free images. Black and White or Color, the site has a great amount of Christmas images, ready to use.

What is the difference between free and paid clip art for Christmas?

There is no real difference between free and paid clip art for Christmas. The only difference is that there is a lot more variety for paid clip art. There are better quality images.

Where can you find free black and white clip art?

Go on Google images look up what you need to and don't forget to mention black and white free clip art!

What religious clip art symbols like Jesus Christ are available for free?

Theyre are many different religious clip art images available for free, from images of Jesus christ, crosses, churches, priests and pastors, bibles, and hands praying just to name a few.