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I totally hear what you are saying and the best advise that i can offer is try and introduce your partner to your male friends and then that way he will see that you all are just friends, and he may even want to have a friendship with them as well.

If your boyfriend is so jealous that he won't allow you friends of the opposite sex, you may want to seriously consider how good a match this is for you. As time goes on, many jealous boyfriends become more controlling and some become abusive. A relationship should be healthy and encourage freedom, not restrict it.

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Q: How can you have friends of the opposite sex when your boyfriend is jealous?
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How do guys get jealous?

guys get jealous when he has feelings for another person and that person hangs out with the opposite sex.

How to make boyfriend spend time with you and not his friends?


Is this an alright way to make a friend of the opposite sex?

There are many ways to make friends of the opposite sex, and most of them are alright.

Is it ok to have friends of the opposite sex?

Absolutely. Why not? I'm a girl, and I have guy friends.

Is it bad to be friends with the same sex or the opposite sex?

It's bad to be friends with people because of their sex. Be friends with them because you like them. People are much more than their genitals.

What are signs of a controlling relationship?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend get jealous when you talk to the opposite sex , when you suddenly have to check in with them like they are your parents. They have to go with you everywhere you go and get mad if you don't invite them places with you. The opposite sex calls you or texts you and ur bf/gf takes your phone from you . basically they try to run your life , and that's not how a relationship should be.

Where does the beat at the opening of birthday sex come from?

my friends boyfriend did it

What should you do if your same-sex spouse is selfish about your having friends?

In any same-sex relationship having other friends of the same sex can very intimidating. It is not your fault! Nor is it his or hers either. Sometimes people get jealous of this.

Can you be best friends with someone of the opposite sex?

Of course you can be best friends with the opposite sex but it also determines who you feel comfortable with and discussing your problems with, so in my opinion it is no problem. I agree with the above poster. I have many male friends and often have them over for dinner. My husband also has a few good female friends who also attend dinners with us. If you are mature, choose your friends carefully then there is no reason a person of the opposite sex can't be your friend without a sexual relationship being involved.

Is it right to be friends with your ex boyfriend?

i think it depends on if you had sex with them. if you did then i don't think it is possible to be friends with them. it's too hard to.

What is friends with benifets?

A friend you have sex with but are not dating. Not a boyfriend or girlfriend, just a friend with benefits.

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you or not?

he will try and take advantage of you(money.. sex.. friends ect)

Is jealous a basic aspect of love?

To a degree an individual can be jealous of something their mate does such as giving attention to the opposite sex or, perhaps the mate attracts the opposite sex. When you love someone with all your heart there can be times when jealousy can rear it's ugly head, but if you trust in your mate then you can control that jealousy. However, when an individual is so jealous they smother their mate this is not love, but an obsession of losing their mate and it will generally destroy the relationship.

What do you mean by the word opposite sex?

Which ever sex you are the other sex is "the opposite sex." So if you are a boy, girls are the opposite sex.

What is One word for when two are just friends of opposite sex and there is no sexual relation?


Do you mostly have friends of the same sex or the opposite sex?

It depends on the individual. Some people mix both sexes as friends; some have more male friends; others more female friends and all of these choices are acceptable.

Can a girl really have a male best friend who is like a brother and they never have sexual relations?

Yes, it is possible to have a male best friend that is like a brother. I had one and he was my husband's best friend. There was no jealousy on my husband's part. I had met my husband's best friend years before and it was my best friend that introduced my husband and I. Try having your male friend over for dinner when your boyfriend is there and see if they hit it off. If they do then perhaps they can go out for a few beers. Don't keep them apart from each other. The more secretive you act the more suspicious and jealous your boyfriend will get. Of course, not all male/female relationships are sexual, as much as you can have a same sex friend you can have a friend of the opposite sex without any sexual feelings. In fact some people find it easier to make friends with those of the opposite sex than same sex and there is no shame in that. If someone can maintain a non-sexual opposite sex friendship it shows maturity.

Is 10 year old too young to have a boyfriend?

Yes, way too young to be worrying about relationships with the opposite sex. Well if your 10 or under and you get a boyfriend its just a little play boyfriend.

Is it appropriate for teenagers to have friends of the opposite sex?

Of course it is. It is completely normal, and very good for you! I didn't get to have opposite sex friends until my late teens and I regret it so much. It is appropriate, just make sure not to let your sexual/physical feelings get out of hand and you will be fine.

Should your parents meet your friends parents before you go to their house?

only if the friend is opposite sex

What do you do when your boyfriend tells more to your friend who is also a girl?

I guess this sometimes happens. It's just like people sometimes have best friends of their opposite sex. It all seems okay if a boy has a girl- bestfriend. But when it comes to that the boy is MY boyfriend, everything is different. Personally, I am okay with it. I tell myself that I have some secrets that I don't want to share with my boyfriend, so does my boyfriend. I must leave him some privacy.

How do you be friends with the opposite sex?

It is very easy. You just go up and talk to him/her. They may seem intimadating at first but in the end, they are really good friends.

Is it healthy for a man to have female friends while he in a relationship?

Yes, it's healthy for each gender to have friends of the opposite sex. In fact, they may offer up helpful advice to your significant other. The part that needs to remain healthy is trust. If you can't trust your boyfriend, then the relationship will not succeed in the future.

What is the duration of The Opposite of Sex?

The duration of The Opposite of Sex is 1.75 hours.

How often should spouse talk to friends of opposite sex?

In my family we make no difference whether our friends are male or female - they are friends and nothing else. We speak to them as often as we please. You need more trust in your partner and marriage. If you have a good relationship a friend of the opposite sex is not threatening. They can as a matter of fact, make you see the spouses side better.