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How can you keep the brakes from sticking on a 1988 Buick Regal?

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2015-07-15 21:47:20
2015-07-15 21:47:20

depends on wether it is disc or drum. If it is disc, it is most likely one of the caliper pistons sticking. If this is the case, it is cheaper and easier to purcase a rebuilt caliper from you local auto parts store (preferably a Bumper To Bumper Store).

If it is drum brakes, the return springs could be worn out. It is best to replace all the brake springs at the same time. If one is worn, most likely the rest are.

Might your foot be on the brake pedal ? A lot of people do ride the brake and espically the clutch. I nick named my Brother Clutch when I was trying to teach him to drive. Every time he put his foot on the clutch , I'd say the magic word _ _ _ _ _ _......Russellton ............P.S. you do know to take off the top to the brake fluid holder before pushing the caliper in....Russellton

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