How can you learn to see an aura?

The aura is the electromagnetic or energy field that radiates from all matter, although some matter is so dense and vibrates so slowly that it is often difficult to detect its aura. Everyone was born able to see the aura, but as we were growing up (the first few years of life), society taught us it was unacceptable or we were taught to disregard it.

Anyone can re-learn to see the aura. How? There are different methods...

Some people start out by concentrating on someone's head and/or face area, and gradually, you'll see a fuzzy line type band surrounding their physical body. It tends to help if you are relaxed. Remember, though, that if you don't see it right away, don't force yourself to see it; that will get you nowhere. Be patient, and thank yourself for allowing yourself to see it. There are oh, so many different methods, so try plenty until you find a couple that work for you. It will come naturally after practice and dedication.