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Any house is eligible to rent to section 8 you have to advertise that you are willing to accept section 8 and once someone looks at yourt property they usually have apacket for you to sign and fill out, then the housing authority will set up an inspection and they will then determine if the asking rent is acceptable or not..its not a big deal but def. do a credit check ...good luck `r

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Q: How can you make your house section 8 certified?
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Who is responsible for repairs on section 8 property?

if you make your property a section 8 property who is responsible for problems that occur on the house

Can a section 8 landlord rent rooms to a section 8 tenant and a non section 8 tenant in the same house?

Section 8 usually does not allow renting out of rooms within the same house.

You are a section 8 renter but you try to move to other house but that house is not a section 8 house. what can you do to keep section 8 program. and move into that house?

If the owner of the new house is not willing to accept a voucher then you cannot move in-- plain and simple

Where can I find a house for rent that is section 8?

GoSection8 is the best place to go to find a section 8 house rental. There are other places to find house rentals but not all will be section 8 rentals.

You are on section 8 Can you rent your sons house?

First, he would need to get his house listed as a Section 8. From what I understand, it is not a difficult thing to do.

Does your house have to be paid for before you can put it under section 8?

The phrase "put it under section 8" is an ambiguous term. But I am presuming you are meaning to list the house to rent out to tenants who hold the section 8 voucher. In this case, the answer is no. You do not have to have a fully paid mortgage to list your house for renting out to section 8 tenants.

How do you sign up for a hud house you rent a hud apartment but you need a house?

Visit your local housing program and see if there is a HUD, or Section 8, house on the list available for rent. If you find a house that is not on the HUD list, a willing owner can apply to make his house available on a Section 8 basis.

How do I go about listing my house for rent as a section 8 house?

You can find listing for rent as a section 8 house at › Housing Programs. Another good site is

Can I list my house for Section 8?

Yes you can list your house as available to rent to someone with a Section 8 voucher. Check with your local HUD office. If I am a felon and I rent my house out under section in Illinois,or anywhere in the United State.

If you live in Indiana how do you put your house on Section 8?

You would apply to HUD to put your house on Section 8. Do this either online or call the local office to find out how to do this.

Can a parolee parole to a section 8 house?


How to put a house on section 8 in Georgia?

Very easy: list your house as you normally would, and post in your listing that section 8 is okay. Ensure that the house or property meets the standard, known as housing quality standards, for section 8 acceptance. Consult with your local housing authority for more information about this.

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