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How can you move in with your dad if you are 13 and he lives in Glasgow with his wife and stepson and you live in Middlesbrough with your mother and she doesn't want you to move?



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Call your dad and tell him that you really want to be with him, tell him why then talk to your mom. Tell her that you love her and you will either just be visiting him or no matter what if you do move in with your dad, tell your mother that you will visit her. You didn't give a reason for wanting to move in with your father. If you mother is setting down rules you don't care for (that's love on your mother's part) or, perhaps she's never home and you're lonely. Whatever it is, take this slow and easy. If your father wanted you to live with him I would think you would be or at least have visited him. He now has a new wife and step-son and moving in with them may set their lives upside down as well. The best thing to do is sit down with your mom and ask if you can call your father and discuss it with him and at least go for a visit to see if you would really like living with his wife and step-son. Sometimes things aren't what they seem. Remember, no matter how tough things are your mother sounds like she really loves you. You owe it to her to sit down and talk things over. You can be a boy or a man about this! Your choice! Good luck! I believe it depends on your age. The real question is: does your dad want you to come to Scotland?