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You can say all the information that is needed and make flyers and out them on store windows or something around your house.

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Q: How can you post an ad to babysit?
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How can you make money fast and when your twelve?

Post an ad in the newspaper. You can babysit, mow lawns, stuff like that. OR if your cheap Bother your parents and tell them you will stop if they give you 5 bucks

does any1 need a babysitter... i live in Two Rivers and i can babysit almost any time just email me...?

If you go onto and click on your city and state you can find people who are in need for you to babysit , and you can also post an ad stating you are looking to do childcare . i need a babysitting job please my name amber

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post what u think

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Is there a fee to post on Craigslist?

No, there is no fee for posting an ad on craigslist. You really just have to give your email address to post an ad.

Campus post ad for off-campus housing how can I post an ad for my condo for rent to UCSD students?

A local realtor can answer your question.

How do you post an ad on the classified ads on howrse?

Go to classified ads and up the top it says POST A NEW AD, it's not hard to miss......

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well you should have that

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What is a good website to post ad for roommates wanted?

There are so many great websites that you can use to find a roommate. One of the best to post ads on is; because this website lets you browse potential roommates and also post an ad.

Can 12 year old's babysit yungger kid's for mony?

yes it would be best to put an ad in the paper and don't lie about your age

Can you babysit when your 10?

no, he or she is immature to babysit.

How can i sell my Arabian horses in Brunei?

Go to and post an ad.

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You can post your business ads for free on Loqqad, future trend for local classified ads,

How do you find a buyer for your black 1997 Honda civic coupe?

Put a for sale sign in several of your car windows and list the major good and bad features of the car Post an advertisement on CRAIGS LIST. Post and an ad in the car sales catalogs. Post an ad in the newspapers.

Is it a law that you have to be 12 to babysit?

It is not a law that you have to be 12 to babysit. You can be a mother's helper or babysit younger for relatives and friends.

How do you make 40 fast?

babysit for $10 and babysit 4 times. Or charge $20 and babysit twice

When you post an ad on the internet does it stay there?

yes,unless the website allows you to delete it