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If you cannot get a key or if the locking nut is damaged by a 'Removal tool', the best thing to do is contact http:/ /lockingwheelnutsremoved. com , They boast "never beaten".

if you have lost the locking wheel nut key to remove the locking wheel nut then you can still remove the nut by getting a socket that is a tight fit on the nut and hammering it onto the locking wheel nut then it will undo. i worked in a garage for a few years and everytime a car came in with your problem that's how we solved it.AdditionMost breakdown patrols and breakdown garages carry special tools for the removal of locking wheel nuts

apply handbrake, find the locking wheel nut, remove toolkit from boot, crank the wheel nuts on said wheel (do not remove), affix jack, pump the jack till the said wheel has airtime and remove the loosened wheel nuts. and as ramsey would say 'done'

remove wheel remove brake caliper remove locking hubs special tool required to remove axle nut

I would like to know how you put four wheel drive into a luxury car........

remove wheels.remove brake calipers, remove 4x4 locking hub.with special socket remove axle locking nut. brake rotor will the slide off enabling you to change bearings

That car may have locking lug nuts if they are the factory originals. You would need the "key" for the lug nuts in order to remove them.

Sears has a special socket that does the job. They come in a set or individually, just purchase the one you need. That socket was designed to remove rounded off nuts and bolts, it works well on wheel lock nuts. These only work on old lock nuts, the new ones have a ring that spins to stop these being used. Google "Locking wheel nut remover" to find the 'No1 Locking wheel nut removers'. It takes 10 minutes to remove all four.

You have to pull the stearing wheel, once that is out of the way there is the turn single switch, remove that, under it is the stearing wheel locking plate. It has a pin that comes up though one of the holes, that's what locks the wheel. Push the pin down, it's spiring loaded so watch your self. If I remember right it has two screws that holds it in place. Remove the wheel locking plate. There is you switch.

Find a socket that is slightly smaller than the lock nut. Hammer it on with a 5lb sledge and take it off with a breaker bar. Use a socket that you won't miss as you will never get the nut out of it. This is an old wives tale, it does not work on modern locking nuts, the spinning ring prevents it. Google ' locking wheel nuts removed . com'

you can by a tool for this kind of dilema,from mac tools i think my mate bought one it fits allsorts of locking wheel nuts you hammer it on then you just use your wheel key,or you just hammer and chisel them til they slacken you will damage them doin the latter If those 'Locking nut removal tools' worked, every thief in the country would have one, errr, no point in the locking nuts then, eh? , guaranteed.

Go to www .locking wheel nuts and they will remove all four in less than 10 minutes.Use the key that came with the locking wheel nuts. If you have lost the key there is one option that doesn't involve taking it to a shop. It's called a lockin wheel nut remover. It has pins inside a socket like device that will fit onto any shape lock. Costs about 20 bucks.

With the 98 Durango safely lifted, remove the front wheel. Remove the locking hub. The hub removal is different depending on the hub type. Remove the brake caliper. Remove the axle nut, and slide off the bearing housing. The inner and outer bearings and races should be replaced.

Brake problem. Remove the rear wheel & brake drum, and inspect the brake components. You may have a leaking wheel cylinder or other problem. Also inspect the wheel bearing.

That depends on if you need to just do the hub or the wheel bearing assembly... If you just need to do the locking hub, 1:Take off the wheel, 2:Remove retainer clip that is around the outside of the hub, 3:Pull the locking hub out. Installation is the opposite. If you are doing the wheel bearing/hub assembly, continue on from step 3. Step 4:Remove brake caliper bolts and pull caliper out of the way, 5:Remove the brake rotor, 6:Remove cotter pin and axle nut, 7:Unbolt 4 bolts that hold on the wheel bearing assembly, 8:Unbolt ABS sensor, (if equipped), and remove from wheel bearing assembly, 9:Remove wheel bearing assembly and brake caliper bracket (slight force may be required to remove). Installation is the opposite.

# Disconnect the negative battery cable. # Remove the pad assembly by either removing the screws or prying the pad off. Disconnect the bayonet-type connector at the horn wire by pushing in and turning counterclockwise. # Push the locking lever counterclockwise until the full release position is obtained. # Scribe a mark on the plate assembly where the two attaching screws attach the plate assembly to the locking lever. Remove the two screws. # Unscrew the plate assembly and remove. # Remove the steering wheel nut retainer and nut. Using a puller, remove the wheel.

If You have Manual Locking Front Hubs, Then the 4 wheel drive will not work/drive the front 2 wheels at all without, Locking-Them-In . Do Not Lock and use the 4 wheel drive on Dry Pavement.

No difference than any other wheel. Raise it up loosen the lug nuts and then remove the wheel. Simple as that. Was there a problem doing this on yours or were you curious about another issue?

You will need a steering wheel puller and a compressing tool to remove the wheel locking plate. It would be cheaper and easier to have it done by a qualified technician.

My car went in for a service and the mechanic has lost my wheel nut to my peogot 206It is up to the mechanic to replace it. He is responsible, not you. Take the car back and insist that it be replaced.

fully retract the brake adjuster and strike the outer side of the drum with a BIG hammerNew Answer HeadlineFor earlier models, e.g. 1989 station wagon (estate), the answer is to have the handbrake off, jack up rear wheel, remove wheel, pry off cap from wheel nut (using a flat screwdriver), remove wheel nut (remove locking pin, nut), and slide off the whole drum and the wheel bearing. No hammering is needed at all.

Jack up the front of the car, put in nuetral, and spin one wheel. If the opposite wheel spins the same way, you have locking differential.

Wheel center caps are a car part. They hold the decorative hubcap of the wheel to the tire by locking in the middle of the wheel.

Remove the tire and wheel from your Chevy Cavalier. Remove the end of the axle. Remove the wheel bearing nut. Remove the wheel bearing seal and the wheel bearing.

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