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Usually, hammering a 13mm socket on works

Brilliant-I used a 12mm socket on my Peugeot 807 and it came undone immediately.

I had spent best part of a day trying to drill it out and I was about to pay Peugeot £120 to do it. Many thanks


12mm socket on an 807? Yeah,,,, of course you did, They were bigger than that on the Mk 1 Mini.

2012-05-22 16:24:49
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If wheel bolt lost on Peugeot 307cc can i change the trye?

if you have lost the locking wheel nut key to remove the locking wheel nut then you can still remove the nut by getting a socket that is a tight fit on the nut and hammering it onto the locking wheel nut then it will undo. i worked in a garage for a few years and everytime a car came in with your problem that's how we solved it.AdditionMost breakdown patrols and breakdown garages carry special tools for the removal of locking wheel nuts

How can you remove locking wheel nuts on a peugeot 206?

My car went in for a service and the mechanic has lost my wheel nut to my peogot 206It is up to the mechanic to replace it. He is responsible, not you. Take the car back and insist that it be replaced.

How remove Peugeot 306 wheel?

Road..............or steering?

Does the Peugeot 207s have a spare wheel?

yes the 2008 model has

Where are the Locking wheel nuts kept in a peugeot 206?

they are either already in the wheel or you must buy some. unless you mean the key, In which case you should have it.

How would you remove a 1998 Peugeot 106 Zest 2 steering wheel which doesnt have power steering?

You need to undo the two locking pins on the side, then take the steering wheel off, only in a straight angle. Dont forget to remove the casing aroung the steering column

How can you remove Peugeot 405 wheel locking nuts without key?

you can by a tool for this kind of dilema,from mac tools i think my mate bought one it fits allsorts of locking wheel nuts you hammer it on then you just use your wheel key,or you just hammer and chisel them til they slacken you will damage them doin the latter If those 'Locking nut removal tools' worked, every thief in the country would have one, errr, no point in the locking nuts then, eh? , guaranteed.

How do you remove abs sensor to rear wheel Peugeot 307?

remove road wheel and with a long 5mm Alan key insert straight through the disk until lined up with sensor and remove........hey presto 10mins a side! no need to remove calipers or pads like peugeot say!

How do you remove a rear wheel on a Audi car?

apply handbrake, find the locking wheel nut, remove toolkit from boot, crank the wheel nuts on said wheel (do not remove), affix jack, pump the jack till the said wheel has airtime and remove the loosened wheel nuts. and as ramsey would say 'done'

How do you install a motor scooter igintion on a motor scooter with a Locking Sterring wheel?

remove the steering wheel and use eff-7

How do you remove the rotors on a 2003 F350 4x4 dually?

remove wheel remove brake caliper remove locking hubs special tool required to remove axle nut

How do I remove locking wheel hubs from 1992 Buick Roadmaster?

I would like to know how you put four wheel drive into a luxury car........

How do you replace the front wheel bearings on a 1997 Ford F150 4x4?

remove wheels.remove brake calipers, remove 4x4 locking hub.with special socket remove axle locking nut. brake rotor will the slide off enabling you to change bearings

How do you remove a rear drum on a Peugeot 106 without a puller?

Put wheel back on drum (with hub nut removed) and kick the wheel to loosen the drum.

Peugeot 806 wheel bearing how to replace?

To replace wheel bearing on a Peugeot 806, loosen lug nuts and jack the vehicle. Remove lug nuts, the wheel, brake caliper, dust cover, cotter pin, castle nut, and rotor. Unscrew hub nuts of the wheel bearing and replace with new.

How do you remove the rear brake drums on a Peugeot 306?

Remove the wheel and tire. Next, remove the axle end cap. Remove the brakes and all hardware. The brake drum will slide off.

How do you remove a Lexus SC wheel?

That car may have locking lug nuts if they are the factory originals. You would need the "key" for the lug nuts in order to remove them.

How do you get your locking wheel nuts off as you have no key?

Sears has a special socket that does the job. They come in a set or individually, just purchase the one you need. That socket was designed to remove rounded off nuts and bolts, it works well on wheel lock nuts. These only work on old lock nuts, the new ones have a ring that spins to stop these being used. Google "Locking wheel nut remover" to find the 'No1 Locking wheel nut removers'. It takes 10 minutes to remove all four.

How do you remove the instrument cluster on a Peugeot 206?

Removing the instrument cluster on a Peugeot 206 is simple. You start with removing the steering wheel and then take out the dash board and then take out the instrument cluster.

Does a peugeot 206 space saver wheel fit a peugeot 207cc?


How do you remove locking wheel nut from a vauxhall astra?

If you cannot get a key or if the locking nut is damaged by a 'Removal tool', the best thing to do is contact http:/ /lockingwheelnutsremoved. com , They boast "never beaten".

How do you change the inner wheel arch liners on a peugeot 307?

There is a series of screw in studs and you have to remove them all and then bend out the arch liner.

How do you adjust fifthwheel locking jaws on a 07 Volvo truck picture diagram?

Depending on make and model of fifth wheel, there's a bolt either on the front or side of the fifth wheel.

How do you replace ignition switch on 76 dodge powerwagon?

You have to pull the stearing wheel, once that is out of the way there is the turn single switch, remove that, under it is the stearing wheel locking plate. It has a pin that comes up though one of the holes, that's what locks the wheel. Push the pin down, it's spiring loaded so watch your self. If I remember right it has two screws that holds it in place. Remove the wheel locking plate. There is you switch.

How to change wheel bearings on a peugeot 206?

How do I change a wheel bearing