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I have a Powerflow II. To remove the impeller, first remove the housing cover. There are about six botls holding this on. You then need to remove the motor housing cover from the other end. There are three small screws holding this on.

With the motor cover off you can see the other end of the shaft. You mayhave to remove or at least loosen some things on the end of the shaft to get a wrench on it. The shaft is flattened on two sides and it should take a 7/16" (I think that is the right size)wrench. Use that to hold the shaft and then unscrew the impeller by hand.

It should unscrew the conventional way (anti-clockwise). COUNTER-CLOCKWISE

I am guessing you want to replace the seal. Don't make the same mistake I just did. I got the two pieces reversed and it nearly melted my impeller shaft. Talk about a pain. Now I need a new seal and a new impleller.

Its dead easy if you get it right. Good luck.

The black grafite and the white ceramic parts of the seal touch

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Q: How can you remove the impeller from a Hayward Powerflow pump shaft?
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How do you remove the impeller from a Hayward Northstar pool pump?

The impellers screw on with left hand threads so you have to turn the impeller clockwise to remove it. You will need new seals for the shaft and the scroll.

Yamaha wr correct way to remove water pump impeller?

Remove the side case and the water pump. Remove the right side case, and remove the impeller and shaft. Holding the back side of the impeller shaft with a wrench on the flat spots, you can now twist the impeller off.

How do you fix a leaking shaft seal on your Hayward SP-1515 power-flo pump?

Replace the seal assembly. Your local pool store should have them in stock. you'll have to remove the strainer basket to get to the impeller. The impeller will then have to be removed. the seal is under the impeller. Remove the impeller by taking the back cover off of your motor. Inside you'll see all the electrics of the motor. In the center, on the shaft, it is slotted to accept a 7/16" wrench. Place a wrench on the shaft and twist off the impeller. Replace the seal assembly and put back together.

How do you change the impeller on the water pump on your 35 horsepower evinrude outboard boat motor?

First, remove the lower unit (there is a housing for the water pump). The drive shaft goes through the housing and turns impeller. Remove the housing, the impeller is on the shaft. Install the new impeller. When replacing the housing, turn the drive shaft clockwise to make it slide down over the impeller.

Where is the impeller on the pool filter?

The impeller is inside the pump housing, attached to the motor shaft. Hatawa

Why your water pump is leaking?

The seal between the impeller shaft and the housingwears out.

Mtd snowblower spirals not turning impeller is?

key is sheared on shaft.

Where does the liquid move the fastest in a centrifugal pump?

At the impeller tip where the linear velocity is highest as it farthest from the shaft center. In case of multiple impeller pump it is at the tip of the last impeller.

Where is the impeller on a 2.2hp mercury outboard?

right behind the prop, on the same shaft

What is a monoblock pump?

Both Rotor Impeller & Motor are mounted on a same shaft.

How do you change impeller on 1966 Mercury 6hp twin?

First remove spark plug wires from plugs so engine does not start unexpectedly. Second remove lock nut under the trim tab just above the prop. There is also a metal screen this nut holds to strain the cooling water going into the engine. Next remove the lock nut just above the lower unit. This will also help split the lower unit away. next remove lower unit watching for the water pickup tube. Place lower unit in a secure area and remove the two nuts holding the plastic cover down. Then remove the 2 o rings on the drive shaft so plastic housing can be taken off. Remove metal plate over water impeller. Remove old impeller watching for the small pin that the drive shaft uses to turn the impeller. use a little motor oil on the new impeller. Replace metal cover and plastic housing while turning drive shaft clockwise. Press down replace lower unit.

How do centrifugal pumps work?

the centrifugal pump works on the principal of the centrifugal force when the shaft of the motor rotates the impeller connected to the shaft along rotates and the water that is surrounding the impeller get dragged out to the delivery pipe and creates a vaccum and fore the water again circulates in the chamber of the impeller and the cycle repeats on..

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