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Hot wire... although I don't know how... You're supposed to do friction on two purposely cut wires in your car... well if is YOUR car install a remote starter! if not then you have to brake the key cilynder and do what you got to do.(don't try it)

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โˆ™ 2005-10-19 18:07:05
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Q: How can you start a car without a key?
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Why does car start without ignition key?

car starts without key

Can you push start a 2003 Manuel car without a key?

Not without the key, no.

How to automatic move a car without a key?

But you need a key to start a car . Impossible

What is a wired car?

A car that has its wiring altered so the car will start without a key.

How do you start without a key?

Did you lose your car keys or are you looking to hijack a car? ;)

Is there any posibility to start a car without its key when have immobilizer?


Can a BMW 328i 2007 be stolen without the key?

no, you have to have the key. The car is paired with one key, and one key alone. If you do not have the key, the car does not have the right code to start.

Will a vauxhall astra convertable 2005 start without chip in key?

no if there is a car that has a chip in key then it should not start without one if it does then your cars censor for that is messed up

How to get a car to start without a key?

Getting a car to start without using the key is called hot wiring the car, however the process is far more difficult than it used to be, if not impossible. Many new cars have keys that have circuit boards in them that only allow the car to start if they are connected to the ignition.

Why does ford mustang car start without the key it will just start by itself with key on shelf?

My guess would be a defective ignition switch.

Key won't start car?

Make sure you have the right key, with the right memory chip in the key. If it's a plain key that was made, without the factory chip, it will not start. Tom..

What happens when the car starts but the key won't start the car?

If the Car didn't start with the key turning the ignition then the car was "hotwired" to turn the Car on.If the key did not start the car, how was it started.

Can you use a emergency key to start my car?

Yes, the only thing the key will not unlock is the glovecumprtment and it will not allow you to lock the car without the remote control.

What is the orange car with the key sign on Skoda fabia dashboard?

That symbol is the engine immobiliser. You cannot start the car without a GENUINE Skoda Fabia key.

How do you start a car when remote key battery is dead?

the only way to start a car when the remote key is dead is to start it by putting the key into the ignition.

How do you start a car without using prepositions?

Push the starter. Crank the engine. Turn the key.

How do you start a Chevy Tahoe without a key?

how to start a 1993 chevy tahoe without a key

Will a dead key fob battery cause a car to not start?

No, You do not need a key fob to start a car. When starting a car, you put the key in the ignition and turn. Power comes from car battery, not from the key fob battery!

Why car tries to start without key in ignition?

Check your wiring, also the connections on the starting motor.

Why does your car want to start as soon as battery is connected without key in ignition?

Stuck ignition switch.

Can key a locksmith make a key for a car without the actually key?

No, but your car dealer can get a new key by the VIN Number.

How does a car start?

With a key.

Does the 2000 Saturn LS1 valet key start the car?

The 2000 Saturn LS1 valet key will start the car. It is made to open the driver's side door and start the car.

Can you sell a car with no spare key without telling the purchaser?

Yes, you can sell a car with no spare key without telling the purchaser. It is not required by law that a used car have a spare key at the time of sale.

Can a cellphone charge in car without key in ignition?

It depends on what kind of car you have. Some have power to the 12 volt socket without the key and some do not.