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How can you start a car without keys?


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You should be able to Google that under "car-jacking" or "how to steal a car"!

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Did you lose your car keys or are you looking to hijack a car? ;)

Getting a car to start without using the key is called hot wiring the car, however the process is far more difficult than it used to be, if not impossible. Many new cars have keys that have circuit boards in them that only allow the car to start if they are connected to the ignition.

If you have to ask, then you have no business even attempting to drive a car.

Copied car keys are aren't easy to be copied and you will have a hard time starting a car if you have that copied car key since that key is very thin, it can easily broke and it's bigger than a normal keys at home.

Not legally. But if he had the keys then yes.

Hot wire it. or go to the manufacturer and get a set of keys made

with the button on the drivers door? How do you get in the car without keys though?

Break the window , start car with the keys and drive to your nearest glass shop .

It's pretty hard. The keys include a complex engine immobiliser system coded to the car. If you have lost all keys you may need to replace the locks, immobiliser and alarm systems. It gets expensive.

Get the vin number and go to the place you bought the car to get a key made. You will need the registration to the car.

Those with mechanical knowledge of vehicles can often start a car by bypassing the ignition key ("hot wiring"). However, the most modern of vehicles can sometimes present a problem with their advanced security systems.If you have misplaced your keys, your car dealer or a locksmith can likely help you.Cars Recovered or Without Any KeysYou can power up the ignition coil with a jumper wire. If it has a manual transmission, you can push-start it. For an automatic, you will need to bypass any steering or transmission lock and jump the starter solenoid.

No, the ignition is what starts the car.

A car that has its wiring altered so the car will start without a key.

You more than likely have a car with an anti-theft device on it but no "alarm" per say. Most times the keys are coded to that particular car and without the correct key for the correct car it will turn on but not crank. You have to get a key with a chip in it for that make and model of car and then program it to your specific car to start it.

The car keys are right under the car with the flashing red light

You can get blank keys and keyfobs for it on eBay but you still have to have someone program it anyway.

Yes, locksmiths can also help you replace missing or lost keys, reprogram your car keys and remotes and more.

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