How can you stop a dog from eating flowers and vegetables in the garden?

Your canine may have a behavior problem. Instead of letting him eat plant material, you should deter him from this outside activity by introducing different things for him to do outdoors such as one on one play time. Give him a various array of toys to play with when he is outside. Make his time outdoors productive. Use consistent voice commands like NO when he goes for the vegetation. In the meantime try a deterrent based on aluminum ammonium sulfate near the plants. Orange peels placed around the plants may help. Another good trick is try spraying your plants with a solution of water and hot peppers, like habaneros or jalapeƱos. Most mammals in general will leave your sprayed plants alone after this, as the capsicum is a natural repellent. Compost on the garden or even old coffee grounds applied to the garden may deter animals from urinating on or eating your flowers and/or plants. However, flowers and leaves help dogs to vomit. This aids in soothing upset stomachs and digestion problems. If your dog is doing this frequently, it may be a sign of internal problems and you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. There are various types of plants that are toxic to canines and if consumed, could end up fatal. You should visit the various sites on the internet or your nearest library to acquire a full list of toxic plant material relating to your geographic location. If you possess any of the toxic plants listed, consider disposing of them or moving your garden bed to a location inaccessible to your dog.