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The only real way is to take it to a garage and get them to check the exhaust emissions. This only takes about 5 minutes and my local garage didn't charge me for this when I did this.

If the emissions are NOT OK, then this could point to problems with the fuel injection system as well. If the emissions are fine, then so is everything else.

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Q: How can you tell if a catalytic converter is bad?
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How can you tell What is bad the catalytic converter or is it a sensor?

replace sensor,catalytic converters smell like rotten eggs when going bad

How can you pass inspection when you need a catalytic converter?

There's no possible way to pass inspection with a bad catalytic converter, if if you find out you have a bad catalytic converter during your inspection you have a chance after you after you have replaced the catalytic converter and the inspection no no charge/free!!

How do you know if a converter is bad on a Kia Rio?

Transmission torque converter or an exhuast catalytic converter?

Can a catalytic converter cause the EGR valve to go bad?

No, the catalytic converter is downstream from the EGR valve so it has no effect on it.

Can a bad catalytic converter damage the ignition coils or a bad ignition coil can cause to catalytic to go bad on a ford expedition?

A bad coil can damage a converter. If the engine is misfiring, it will cause raw fuel to get into the converter and that can cause failure.

Can a bad catalytic converter cause hard starts?

A bad catalytic converter can cause hard starts if it has become clogged. This produces excessive back pressure in the engine.

How do you tell if catalytic converter is bad?

Bad Gas milege Gives a rattling sound if it breaks down Car stops running if it is totally blocked

Does a bad catalytic converter stop car from turning over?


Can a muffler get clogged by a bad catalytic converter?

Yes it is possible.

How does a catalytic converter go bad?

They can become clogged or they can burn out.

Does it hurt your car to drive with a bad catalytic converter?

Yes it does.

How do you tell if your catalytic converter went bad?

Loss of power, poor fuel mileage, converter gets red hot, possibly check engine light will come on.

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