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How can you tell if there is something going on between your best friend and your fiancee?

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April 20, 2007 1:37AM

always go with your gut instinct..... why are you suspecting it in the first place. listen to detail and always ask questions. dont accuse, the truth always comes out. has your sex life changed between you and you fiancee? does you friend avoid you or looking in your eye? all else fails and it drives you crazy enough, check you cellphone calls in and out. text messages can now be pulled up from the past Simply go onto and there will be a place you click on that says something like, 'five ways to tell that your man is cheating on you' and most of the tips are true. It doesn't matter. If you suspect it and it's true, get out. If you suspect it and it isn't true, you're too suspicious for marriage, get out.