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you will smell rotten eggs all the time when u r driving around

You will get a "check engine" light. On 1996 and newer cars there is a plug near the drivers seat you can plug a cheap device into and it will tell you what "codes" the computer is giving. Google "car chip" Very interesting gizmo


If the cat is way far gone the engine will run poorly. Stalling, sputtering, hard starts, not start at all, backfire. You may actually not even get a code other than misfire or knock sensor which are symptomatic not fundamental to the problem.

If a cat has failed it needs replaced. There is no repairing a cat.

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Q: How can you tell if your catalytic converter is going out?
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How can you tell What is bad the catalytic converter or is it a sensor?

replace sensor,catalytic converters smell like rotten eggs when going bad

How can you tell if the catalytic converter needs replacing?

tap on it and if it rattles ,its done

How do you tell if an oxygen sensor is upstream or downstream on a 2002 Chevy silverado 1500?

Upstream would be before the catalytic converter. Downstream would be after the catalytic converter.

Can you take off the catalytic converter and replace it with flowmaster?

Legally you can only replace a catalytic converter with another catalytic converter.

Is upstream before the catalytic converter and downstream after the catalytic converter?


Does a 1984 jaguar xjs have a catalytic converter?

Yes, it has a catalytic converter.

What is the surface area of a catalytic converter?

what is the surface area of a catalytic converter

Does bad catalytic converter inhibit you from going higher speeds?

Yes, a clogged converter will rob you of power and speed.

Is there a cover for the catalytic converter that stops theft?

There is not an antitheft cover for the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter gets extremely hot and cannot be covered.

How do you pass emissions test with broken catalytic converter?

Replace the catalytic converter.

How many grams gold there is in Mercedes S class Catalytic Converter?

There isn't gold in a catalytic converter.There isn't gold in a catalytic converter.

How do you fix p0420 code in rav4 2003?

Replace the catalytic converterReplace the catalytic converter

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