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Get a good straight edge and some feeler gauges. Lay them across the surface of the head in all orientations. (across front/back/middle, diagnally across corner to corners) See if the feeler gauges will slip under at the end or the middle of the straight edge. (or you can see light...)

If so, it's warped. How warped is too much? If I can get my finger nail under it, it gets some attention.

Keep in mind that having it planed will make the surface flat, but bolt it up now and the camshafts are now continuously being bent ever so slightly...

Heads can now be heat straightened. This brings the cams back in too.

If it's not bad and you don't have a Torque to Yield head bolt setup, I've over torqued the head bolts by up to 10% to compensate on minor warpage. Seems to work. No leaks yet, although all car guys will probably say I'm on crack.

Most common seems to be heads warped away from the block in the middle. This is where I over torque the bolts just a tad in a reducing pattern out from the center. So, if the head called for 70 ft pounds I'd torque the middle bolts to about 78, next row out to 75, and so forth.

Don't blame me if it doesn't work for you or you snap off bolts.

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engine wont be warped but the head may be if you didn't overheat engine too much and fixed problem pretty quick, it wont be warped above answer says about bent cam. that is bogus but if head is warped, just go buy anew one and replace specially if aluminum they cannot be straightened if torque says 70 use 70.if u snap a bolt off going over the proper torque then you got to generally take head off and hope there is enough broken bolt showing to be able to remove it with out drills and easy outs PS a camshaft will break before it bends.

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Q: How can you tell if your engine is warped after blowing a headgasket and if it is worth repairing?
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What causes oil in your antifreeze?

rotted out headgasket and/or warped cylinder head . Aluminum head sensitive to no water in the engine.If it's just the headgasket it's not a big deal on a 4 cylinder datsun engine

How could water get into your oil on a 2000 dodge Neon?

Most likely causes are a failed headgasket or cracked/warped head.

1995 Mazda mx6 runs rough and pushes coolant out radiator cap can anyone help?

That's usually a sign of a warped head and bad headgasket, a cracked head or a cracked block. Those conditions usually only occur when the engine has been overheated.

How would antifreeze get into piston cylinders of 1997 Ford truck?

Either a warped head and blown headgasket or a cracked head. An intake gaslet will also blow and let it in on a 4.3. I had it happen.

What effect will a cooling system failure have on a running engine?

Nothing good, I can tell you that. Anything from a warped head, cracked head, warped block, cracked block, and basicly, a blown engine.

Why does a car engine repeatedly need to bleed excess air from water or radiator?

It could be either the head gasket or the water pump is sucking a little air. Most likely the head gasket though. There are chemical tests to determine if carbon monoxide is getting into the coolant. If it IS, you have a bad headgasket/warped head.

What happens if your engine overheats?

You can blow a head gasket or the head can crack or be warped.

How do you replace a warped engine head on a 96 Oldsmobile eighty eight?

First of all how do you know your head is warped cracked or no good lets start at the beginning

How does engine coolant get into the combustion chamber?

A bad head gasket , a warped head usually from overheating , would allow engine coolant into an engine cylinder

My F150 knocks and blows white smoke but still has power what causes white smoke?

White smoke coming out of a vehicle means you need to either get your oil changed or the oil you have is too small of a weight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your engine is warmed up and blowing white smoke , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , or a warped or cracked head

Why would a 1993 Plymouth sundance continue to overheat after having its thermostat replaced and its coolant refilled?

It could be a plugged radiator or a blown headgasket. Understand that many of the smaller, especially the Japanese engines are very fragile when it comes to overheating. If it overheated once you may have damaged the headgasket and warped the head. Don't forget the heater core either. If the engine warms up, but you don't get any heat, the core is blocked or plugged. Suggest you always replace the thermostat when you do coolant work. They're cheap and a quick fix.

Why is there engine oil in cooling system?

You probably have a blown head gasket or a warped head

92 ford falcon you just changed the radiator and thermostat and filled with coolant as you broke down due to over heating now your car is blowing black smoke and the enging is shaking?

Overheated engines often cause the head to warp, resulting in a blown headgasket. If the engine blows out the coolant, you have a bad head gasket/warped head. If you're getting coolant in the oil, same thing. If one or two cylinders have very low compression, same thing. It's not news that anyone wants to hear, but I'd check that first since it's a very common condition after an engine overheats.

What are the symptoms on a car if it shakes wen at a complete stop?

possible warped brake pads or warped rotor Shaking while stopped, can be caused by broken motor mount, or engine miss.

Would it be better to replace a head gasket or put in a recon engine on a y reg fiesta zetec?

Bit of a tricky one ... It all depends on the condition of the cylinder head. If the cylinder head is warped then replacing the head gasket won't solve your problem. A warped cylinder head can be skimmed (if not too badly warped). If the cylinder head is badly warped then it would be much easier to replace the head than fit another engine.

How do you fix warped engine heads?

well, first throw it away then buy a new one.

What causes car to have no power?

Generally, engine problems such as a blown head gasket or warped head.

What is a warped head?

Top of the engine (head) damaged by overheating and bent so it does not seal properly

What would cause white smoke from the tailpipe?

engine coolant getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , cracked or warped head

Is a '93 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8L with 130K miles worth buying if it needs a head gasket and has water in the oil?

If you get it cheap, yeah. Consider that there may be engine damage from blown headgasket. If the head is warped, you'll need a new one (couple hundred $$$) Headgasket and head stud kit will be another couple hundred for higher-end aftermarket performance parts. If you're shopping it out, labour is about $900 - $1200. i just bought a 94 1.8l eclipse with 127,000 miles on it and it took me about 3 days to fix it myself, luckily my head itself wasnt warped so all i had to do was replaces the gasket, that and the thermostat because often the thermostat brakes and you cant tell if the engine is over heating. I got mine for $250 so i got a pretty good deal, i say go for it as long as its cheap.

What to dew when you have slush in your engine after your cylinder head has crack?

If the head or block is cracked, it must be replaced. It's far easier to remove the engine from a Saturn when you're replacing the head. When water mixes with the oil, it emulsifies, and turns to a gel-like substance. After the head is replaced, change the oil; then drive the vehicle for a couple hundred miles and change the oil again. That should clear up the problem with the oil. But make certain that the head truly is cracked before you throw it away and get a new one. Usually it's not a cracked head, but instead it's typically a blown headgasket. A head can warp when an engine overheats, and when the head warps, the headgasket will blow. You'll need to have the head resurfaced if the head is warped.

What causes blown head gasketon 97 buick lesabre?

Normally it is caused by the engine overheating. It may also be a defect in the gasket or a warped head. Some 3800 GM engines were notorious for blowing head gaskets. Check with a GM dealer as there may be a recall and you can get this repaired for free.

Can a engine block be warped?

Yes, especially aluminum blocks, usually by excess heating, and then uneven cooling.

How does antifreeze get into a gasoline engine pistons 2005 freestar?

Warped/cracked head or gasket-it's hydrolocked

Why does a car shake after being put in gear?

Here are some possible causes: 1. Warped flywheel. 2. Engine out of time. 3. Engine misfiring.