How can you tell if your ex-boyfriend still has strong feelings for you?


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If he still call you alot and be acting jealous when he see you with another boy.


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Quick answer...yes. Just put yourself in his shoes. If you and his exgirlfriend were best friends and she made advances on him, wouldn't you want to know?

say The feelings you had before you split have never faded,there as strong as ever and you love him..

She has really strong feelings for him but she denys them to be with Edward who she claims she has more feelings for. but you can tell from the movie

It depends on how strong your feelings are. If you know in your heart that you love him, call him. Tell him exactly how you feel.

I think you should tell him how you feel. Tell him that you still like him and that he is the best thing that has every happen to you!:)

tell him you want to have sex with him. and he might think differently.

Well Its Obviously Bugging You And You Want To Tell Her. Relax. And Call Her. Tell Her How you Feel. Tell Her "I Dont Feel Like Myself When Im Not With You." Make Sure You Add Your Feelings. And Ask About Her Feelings. Ask Her Out To Hangout And See If The Feelings Are Still There For Her(if she has feelings still with you). See If She Still Looks At You The Same. You just need to be honest with her and tell her. She probably feels the same way!

girl, you need to tell him that you want him back! tell him you know you've been datin' but you still have feelings for him!

Just tell her that you still have feelings for her in a nte, and tell her you will be there for her no matter what she decides. Girls love it when guys are sensitive towards there feelings. Just tell her you still have feelings for her in a note or in person. Also tell her you will be there for her no matter what decision she makes. Girls love it when guys are sensitive towards there feelings.

Answer There is nothing you can do--as you two are broken up, you are both free to be interested in and date who you wish He has no right to tell you who to like and vice versa. If you still have feelings for your ex, this is the best time to give yourself space by having as little contact with him as you can. Trying to be friends with an ex when you still have feelings for him is a futile effort---you'll be putting your own life on hold, searching for any significance in his words and actions, hurt when he doesn't reciprocate your feelings.

He means to say that he still does having feelings for you, but he is uncertain about how the relationship will work out in the end.

just tell the guy your sorry and that you dont like him or her but say it nice and tell him that you're still his friend.

you should tell him you still have feelings for him

You tell your girlfriend you are losing feelings for her by telling her you still care for her but you just do not feel the same way you used to.

Ask yourself this. IF he is your exb, do you still like him. If you see him flirting w/ another girl, talk to him and tell him that you still have feeling and are willing to try again.

Alway's remember:Ex's are Ex's for a reason. Dont care if he still has feelings for you, its his loss. Move on!

It means he or she obviously like you. Therefore, if you tell him or her your feelings since you have a crush on them, then maybe you can start a relationship with them. <Beckyzzorous>

tell them you cant hide your feelings for a lifetime

Answer You should be able to tell if you are around that person. If you cannot visit with or talk with them in person it can be difficult to know if they still have feelings for you or not unless they in some way or another let you know.

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....

Just tell im, I have learned to just say whats on my mind.

Talk to him about it. If he likes you it might be a good thing for him to get it off his chest. It would probably be good for you too.

That is exactly what to tell him , you still love him . Tell him you still have feelings for him and want him back , even if it takes time let him know you'll wait for him . That'll make him relise you are being truthful about your feelings.Good luck !

You Can't Force Them To Tell You, But Try Making Sure that they know that you still have feelings for them and maybe they will feel more comfortable with telling you that they still love you. He Will Tell You When He's Ready, But If You Are Desperate and cannot wait , then you make the first move and tell him that you still love him. then maybe he will say he feels the same waay . Good Luck !

Uhm, if he's an ex boyfriend and HE broke up with YOU then you should first off see if he even has feelings for you but if you broke up with him then i would just tell him how much of a mistake breaking up with him was and ask for him back (:

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