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How can you tell if your female betta is happy?


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If you are feeding her the righ amount. If she has a big enough tank and she gets plenty of excersise. If her water temperature and PH is the right level. If you change her water at least every week. She should be happy. If you want to garuntee her happiness put her aquarium by another aquarium, because this will give her a chance to comunicate with other fish and will keep her from getting board, you can also get another female betta because female bettas get along. Don't get two or an even number because one will bully nthe other. If you get an even number you might as well get groups of two.

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The female betta fish has vagina lips on its anus.

Normally the male betta fish has much longer flowing fins than the female.

The male betta always has longer fins. It is more colorful and prettier. The female betta is not so pretty with dull fins.

you can tell if its a boy or girl by the fins the male Betta has long fins and the female Betta has small fins

The bright colored betta is the male. The males have to be pretty to attract the female. That means the light colored betta is the female.

usally femal betas will lay eggs and they`re smarter!!

Female betta fish lay eggs. If the female has vertical stripes that stand out, she is going to lay her eggs soon.

A female betta has very small fins with a long body while the male betta have lots of nice flowing fins.

You can only tell if the Betta male makes a bubble nest at the top of the tank. That means that the betta female is going tohave their eggs.

feed it and then give it a female beta fish. if you do this in the wrong order he will eat the female and waste your food.

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yes they can have babies, and the male betta has to make the nest for the female. yes they can have babies, and the male betta has to make the nest for the female.

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The male Plakat is still a male Betta splendens (although its fins are not as showy) so it will display when shown itself in a mirror. A female Betta will not display.

From a female Betta. Then the male Betta fertilizes them when they breed together.

A girl Betta is dull and not as pretty as the male. But, a boy Betta is colorful and pretty to attract the female mate.

Your betta fish is a female if she has smaller fins than an average male.

If they are not too old and the female is ready, then they will mate.

yes, female Betta fish do flare their gills usually at a male

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