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How can you tell what model transmission you have on your 2000 gmc sierra 1500 2dr 2wd?


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2006-05-07 11:40:03
2006-05-07 11:40:03

There should be an I.D.tag on the side of the tranny(a small metal plate), or on the door jamb of the truck. If not, you need to go by the vin #.


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Assuming that they are both 4wd or both 2wd and the same model transmission (4L60E), they are interchangeable.

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NO it will not bolt up to the transmission in the 2000 model.

This sounds like a 2000 model year or newer. There are as many as 12 difrent sensors mounted directly in or on the transmission. without detailed year, and option info as well as a particular sensor to look for no real answer can be given

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No it will not. The 2000 transmission housing has been redesigned and the 1996 transmission is not even close to being the same. But yet there both called a 4L60E. You will have to use a LATE 1999 to date transmission to fit that 2000 model.

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