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How can you trap a corrupt boss?

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September 13, 2011 5:30AM

Does this corrupt boss have a telemarketing company selling something people read everyday and only pays commission to his employees? He then steals the employees commissions ALL of it. Contantly threatens the employees saying if you don't get a sale right now, I'll take your commission and suspend you for a month with out pay. He has fake dog and pony shows, he calls up people that aren't even employees and have them fill seats for when a vendor he sells for comes to town to make believe he has something. He also takes solid sales that the employees had verified and received a credit card number for, he will tell the employees they owe him for the sale it cancelled but he won't tell the employees who cancelled so the employee doesn't have any proof of this. He makes employees lie to customers, saying I will have delivered to you some samples and then he sends the customer a bill. And the employees who did order the service say for so many weeks they will keep this service going past that period and then employees have to threaten the customers, saying he'll turn them in to collections.He has all employees on camera and they are listened to every minute of the day and night. If someone can't come to work he will make them make up their hours. These people do NOT get hourly pay ONLY COMMISSION. He also will make them sit for hours when his computer systems goes down with OUT PAY . He even makes employees carry a big gallon milk jug on a chain to use the restrooms. There is more, but I am out of space.