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As with any vehicle, you have options, based on your own preferences and money you have to throw at the problem. -First choice (most expensive/least risky)Copy the VIN number (metal strip on the dash, just inside the windshield, driver's side) take the number to a Ford dealer and have him code-cut you a new set of keys (usually just one combo key for a 96 Crown Vic). - Less expensive/more risky: try a coat hanger around the edge of either driver or passenger side front window. With some patience and luck, you may be able to hit the electric door lock on the arm rest. - Also cheap, but risky: Try a 'slim Jim' (Hack saw blade with a hook or notch filed in one end) along the outside edge of the base of the driver side door window. The intent is to snag the mechanical part of the electric door lock and unlatch it- without messing up the wiring. - Last resort: Your choice of brick, bat, hammer or crow bar, against the driver side rear door window (easier to live with than no driver door window and you don't have to see out of it. Patch the hole with plastic sheeting and Duct Tape until you can have the window replaced. Using a rear window entry also minimizes glass shards on the front seat.)

There is one more choice and that is a locksmith. It will cost about 35 bucks. In the future either put key on the outside of the car in a magnetic key holder or get towing added to your car insurance. It only cost a few bucks a year but will pay for towing if your car breaks down or a locksmith if you lock your keys in the car.

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2015-07-15 18:30:46
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Q: How can you unlock a 96 Crown Victoria if the keys are lost or left inside the car with the car locked?
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