How could an electromagnetic engine perform?

The electromagnetic engine should ideally perform exactly the same as the cumbustion engine. The engine Ive designed and patent applied for, mounts a retrofit head with multiple electro magnets lined up concentrially with the pistons. The strength of the feild is controlled by the ammmount of windings. My design applies the "power" every fourth stroke same as your engine does now. Itutilizes only repulsive force. That allows the feild to dissapate completely, and have no restrictive effects on the rising piston. The force should replicate a piston speed of 16m/s @ 3,000rpm's. Once the force is determined the amount of windings is adjusted and the electromotive force will match the fuel/ air explosion force. Then you just hook up the spark plug wires to the electromagnets instead of the plugs and get in! With multiple alternators charging at 35amps you should be able to drive from nome Alaska to the Cape of Good Hope with out stopping. The closer to the combustion operations you can stay, the less need to re-educate users on its use. My "retro-fit" is so non invavisve, You probably wont know the difference between the two. == ==