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Sounds like water is getting into the engine. You could look to see if there are air bubbles in the radiator while engine is running this is usually a good indicator of a blown head gasket or other coolent leak.

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Q: How could you identify the exact fault of a stationary diesel engine excessively blowing white smoke?
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Can you drive a diesel engine blowing white smoke?

You can drive a diesel engine, or any other type, blowing any colour smoke you wish. Though it is pretty foolish to smoke

How do you stop diesel engine blowing smoke on starting?

why do u want it to stop blowing smoke man! blowing smoke is awsome and manly, and show power! be proud that your blowing smoke!

What has the author Arthur Hugh Goldingham written?

Arthur Hugh Goldingham has written: 'Marine and stationary Diesel engines' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Diesel motor 'Diesel engines, marine and stationary' -- subject(s): Diesel motor 'The Design and Construction of Oil Engines: With Full Directions for ..' -- subject(s): Accessible book

Can you identify petrol from diesel- e.g.colour?

Yes you can identify it by colour, smell and taste.

How do you identify petrol or diesel?

By the smell is the easiest way.

99 7.3 no power and blowing white smoke?

in a diesel engine, no power and blowing white smoke, indicates a bad turbo on the engine

Why is a 2006 Ford F-350 diesel blowing black smoke for about 30 seconds when it is started?

its a diesel, you will see black smoke alot.

How do you get a diesel to stop blowing black smoke?

Have your injectors checked or changed, burnng to much fuel

Why is your 2004 6 liter diesel blowing lots of black smoke?

Air filter dirty or bad injector

How do you identify whether petrol or diesel car?

By smell. Each has a distinctive smell that is easily recognized.

How do you clean dodge 6.7 diesel exhaust particulate filter?

One way is by doing the stationary desoot by a local dealer or mechanic shop !

Why is your 81 volkswagen diesel is blowing smoke out of the coolant reservoir?

It may be normal operation assuming all fluid levels are proper.

How can you identify a car that it is a petrol or diesel by just seeing the car?

Check the fuel inlet area - if the car is supposed to run on diesel, it may state "Diesel Fuel Only". If it doesn't, chances are that it takes normal everyday fuel.

Why diesel is not used in petrol engine?

Because diesel is ignited of heat and high high compresion not a spark on lower compresion petrol engine. If you use diesel in a petrol you will end up with your engine knocking and pre-detonation followed by your engine blowing up pretty bad.

What is a stationary internal combustion engine?

A combustion engine that isn't on the move, it's stationary regardless of engine speed. Applications for such a engine are typically generators for large buildings, such as hospitals where a heavy duty diesel engine (truck engine) is connected to a generator which in turn generates electricity.

2004 dodge diesel blowing oil out the oil blow by tube?

Too much oil in the pan. Broken piston rings. Bad turbo bearing seals.

What do you do if you replace a turbo on 1.6 turbo diesel and it fails again in less than 30 miles?

take vehicle to a shop that knows diesels and find out why the turbo is blowing out

Why do you hear ticking coming from your ignition?

i can only presume is lack of engine oil or adjustment on tappets( pls be more detailed)or diesel engine it being a injector blowing

Ford Fiesta blowing hot air for one minute then cold air 2005 model diesel how can i fix this?

you might want to think abought chaging your water pump

Can you drive your diesel if you are blowing out black smoke?

Black smoke is just unburnt fuel in a diesel if the vehicle is not modified in any way to make this happen then something is causing it to not burn it all, it will not harm it but you should figure out why its not burning all of its fuel. (most diesels will spit out a little black smoke)

How do you convert diesel engine to compressed natural gas engine?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually the average diesel engine can operate better on natural gas than on diesel only since the emissions issues are dramatically reduced. It can run fine if the diesel is dual fueled with at least 5% of the normal diesel fuel input (10-15% is even better). The amount of diesel co-fired is a factor of the economy and emissions sought by the conversion. In fact, we operate diesel engines on syn gas derived from wood and many other types of biomass via gasification. These systems can produce stationary mechanical power, electrical power or just heat while being co-fired with diesel, waste oil, trap grease, vegetable oil and others. Bioten Power and Energy Group

When did Rudoulph Diesel invent the diesel engine?

the diesel engine was invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel. the diesel engine was invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel.

Where does the word diesel come from?

it comes from Rudolf Diesel who invented the Diesel engine!From the inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel.

What is the origin for the word 'diesel'?

Named for the inventor of the diesel engine- Rudolph Diesel.

What did Rudolf Diesel invent?

Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine which uses diesel gas.